In addition to the workbook efforts, significant ADTI-MMS projects include development of a Pit Lake Database and the Scientific Team Review of the Questa Rock Pile Weathering and Stability Project (QRPWASP).

Questa Rock Pile Weathering and Stability Project

ADTI-MMS formed an independent science review team that provided technical review on the progress and findings of the effects of weathering on rock pile stability research at the Questa molybdenum mine located near Questa, New Mexico. The goal of this research was to predict long-term physical stability of sulfide-bearing mine rock piles that are subject to weathering, oxidation and acid generation. This investigation was designed to examine and identify these potential effects within the span of 100 years and over geologic time (much greater than 100 years). Reports, papers, abstracts and thesis produced as part of this project are located in the links below:


INAP Pit Lake Database

The purpose of this database is to allow comparison of pit lake water quality versus ore body type, climate, and geology. This database can also be used for order of magnitude estimates of anticipated pit lake water quality (in many cases offering more accurate estimates than complex and costly numeric models), to refine geo-environmental (conceptual) models for ore deposits and for the calibration of numeric models.


Pit Lake Database website