About Us


The objectives of the ADTI-MMS are to identify, evaluate, develop, and disseminate information about cost effective, environmentally sound methods and technologies to manage mine wastes and related metallurgical materials for abandoned, active and future mining and associated operations and to promote understanding of these technologies. Drainage quality issues will be considered for ore and waste as well as environment. This is a technical initiative, not a regulatory or policy initiative. Activities will be carried out using voluntary consensus standardization procedures.

More specifically, the goals of the ADTI-MMS include:

  • Finding ways to reduce the extent and severity of adverse impacts of drainage from mine waste and mining related materials.
  • Develop consensus on environmental mine waste management technologies for sampling and monitoring, drainage quality prediction, mitigation, and modeling.
  • Identify technological needs and work to address these needs.
  • Use sounds scientific and technological fundamentals to interpret, assess, and summarize published literature and operational practices, communicate these findings to those responsible for environmental mine waste management.


Organizational Structure:

ADTI-MMS has a Steering Committee that consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, representatives from Industry, Federal and State Government, and Non-governmental organizations and committee chairs in Prediction, Modeling, Pit Lakes, Mitigation, Sampling and Monitoring, Technology Transfer and Review.