$1K Club

Support the SME Foundation -- Join the $1K Club!

At the 2010 SME Annual Conference, the SMEF kicked off the $1K Club to promote and encourage support and growth of the programs under the Foundation umbrella. Individual donors who give $1,000 or more will be recognized as $1K Club members and will receive:
  • Special recognition in the Mining Engineering magazine (March Issue) 
  • Special recognition at the annual SME Foundation Gala Dinner (February each year) 
  • And as a small token of our enormous gratitude, the first of four marble coasters (a set that will be given out and completed over the next four years). Each additional $1,000 donation will be recognized with the next coaster in the set. These beautiful coasters, each stamped with a different element from the periodic chart, will be collector’s items for our SMEF supporters. 

 If you would like the entire set at once, you can acquire it by donating a lump sum of $4,000 to the SMEF programs. Please call the SME Foundation if you have any questions 303-948-4239.

To become a member of the $1K Club, please donate $1,000 to the SME Foundation; and as always, you get to choose how your donation is used.

 2018 Donors
Richard DeLong Jill Nelson
Matthew Furniss  Neil Prenn
Ihor Kunasz Thomas Rauch
Paul Lang Robert Schafer
Scott Lawson  George Sturgis
Mike Mosser
 2017 Donors
 Shelly Baquol  James Humphrey
Bharath Belle  Kurt Kost
Andrew Cole  Thomas Kovach
 Ian Douglas   Joshua Olmsted
 Peter and Jenessa Haarala  Deepak and Lakshmi Ramani
Steven Holmes  Frederick Winston
 2016 Donors
 Frank Aplan  John Mansanti
 Sam Arentz  Scott Manske
 Tim Arnold  Raja and Geetha Ramani
 Sukumar Bandopadhyay  J. Eric Shereda
 Fred Banfield  Jan Shoemaker
 R. Gene Dewey  Scott Shoemaker
 Robert Filler  Steve Shoemaker
 John Grubb  Richard Sweigard
 Robert Kudlawiec  William Tate
 2015 Donors
John R. Chadwick  Frank Mooney 
Thomas DeWitt  Mark Suden 
Richard Hodgson  Spencer Titley
  Garry Warren
2014 Donors
Teresa Conner Jason Reid
J. Steven Gardner Herbert Welhener
Ryan Murray William Wilson
Tim O'Neil William Zisch