PieLC: The SME Young Leaders' Committee
Monday Night Social Fundraiser

Watch a Video to see them get pie'd

Thank you for your support of the PieLC Competition. This "Pie in the Face" competition, hosted by the Young Leaders Committee at the Monday Night Social, was a huge success. All together, $57,158 was raised. After a last-minute battle with non-stop donations, Tom Rauch and Dave Kanagy decided to stop fundraising and settle for a tie--each of them agreeing to take a pie.

The final results for each fund were:

Minerals Education Coalition--$2,545
The Mining & Exploration Division Scholarship--$3,035
Miners Give Back--$3,670
The Phd Fellowship and Career Development Grant Program--$23,954
The SME Foundation General Fund--$23,954.

Thank you to Kat Tew, Dave Kanagy, Nick Gow, Brad Dunn, Tom Rauch for your two-month fundraising campaign. A special thank you to Michael Donkor for stepping in to take the pie for the M&E Division! 

Kat Tew receives pie from Art Schweizer 

Nick Gow bravely accepts pie from Tom Rauch

Michael Donkor receives a face full of pie from Dave Kanagy

Dave Kanagy looks VERY excited to receive his pie

The excitement seems to have worn off with a face full of whipped cream!

Dave Kanagy hits Tom Rauch with a pie

Tom Rauch doesn't seem to mind the pie all over his face...and head!