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SME Foundation’s programs work together in many ways to encourage outreach, education and professional development for students, professionals and industry experts around the globe. Click on the pictures below to watch short video stories on why SME Foundation programs are important in the lives of our members and the difference your support makes in the industry. (approx: 2 mins each)

Contributions to the SME Foundation General Fund allow support to be provided to the programs with the greatest financial need. However, if you would like to designate your gift to a specific Foundation program, select from the list below and your donation will be allocated for that purpose.

Every donation, in any amount, is always greatly appreciated! Every gift helps to fund solutions to mining’s challenges.

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“We need to be engaged in the communities that we work in… making those connections is so important to the industry. The public needs to know why we are doing what we are doing, and why it’s important to their livelihood… if you really want to have a positive impact and change the perception of mining, contribute to the Foundation.”
Pat Jacomet; MEC Committee Chair

“It’s really a critical time for all of the programs in the US right now. As a faculty member living through that change... the support of industry and the support of individuals is going to be critical in helping to sustain and change and grow these programs.”
Jessica Wempen; 2019 Career Development Grant Recipient 

“Since we are such an integral piece in supporting [the P.E.] curriculum and auditing the material, we need to have the support of the Foundation to be able to do that, and the Foundation gets its support from its members who feel strongly about it like I do.”
Matt Furniss, PE; Member of the Professional Engineers Exam Committee