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CONSOL Energy Inc. is a funding partner for the SME Professional Engineers Committee. CONSOL Energy Inc. is a public owned Canonsburg-based producer and exporter of high-BTU bituminous thermal coal and is one of the leading energy companies in the U.S. Since 1860, CONSOL Energy Inc. has powered the nation with affordable, redundant, reliable domestic energy and holds some of the best coal assets in the world. CONSOL Energy is positioned well for the future with the largest underground mining complex in the United States, the Baltimore Terminal for access to seaborne markets, and over 1 billion tons of undeveloped coal reserves.

Stantec also assists with funding the SME Professional Engineers Committee. Stantec is an international professional services company in the design and consulting industry. The Company provides professional consulting services on projects around the world through over 22,000 employees operating out of more than 400 locations in North America and across offices in six continents internationally. The SME Foundation thanks CONSOL Energy Inc. and Stantec for their support and generosity of the SME Professional Engineers Committee Program fund.

The SME Professional Engineers Committee (P.E. Committee) performs non-examination work critical for the PE license. Focus of the committee includes continued writing and publishing of the Study Guide and Practice Exam, updating the Mining Reference Handbook; outreach through webinars and Speakers Bureau; and participating as a liaison with the NCEES group and as SME representation in two ongoing national efforts concerning advocacy of the PE license: the License that Works Committee, and the Professional Liaison Organization Council.

SME is the only organization in the United States that sponsors the NCEES PE Committee that prepares examination questions for the licensure of mining and mineral processing engineers. Without this program, there would be no state certification for engineers in mining and mineral processing and, consequently, little incentive for college students to pursue careers in our industry.

"Stantec is honored to support the Mining and Mineral Processing Professional Engineer (PE) licensure.  Ensuring that the industry has trained, knowledgeable, and licensed engineers with integrity is key to the success of mining operations around the world. This licensure demonstrates professional competency and builds trust with stakeholders that the industry’s PEs are qualified and capable mining and mineral engineers. These engineers are the individuals who will transform our industry by designing safer, more sustainable, and more efficient operations today and in the future.

Stantec recognizes two important SME PE Committee initiatives. The first is the digitization of the test content, which is moving from paper to computer format starting in October 2021. The second is the need to continually promote legislation that licensure be available in states and territories that do not already offer a Mining PE license.

Beyond PE licensure, at Stantec, we strongly believe that the development of engineers throughout their entire career is critical for the mining industry. Fostering the professional and technical development of engineers throughout their career reflects one of Stantec’s core values: “We Put People First.” 
    --Jon Treen, Senior Vice President, Mining, Stantec

The SME PE Committee continues its 33-year history of serving the Society through the activities mentioned above. Currently, the SME PE Committee has online bi-monthly meetings and expects to resume the annual face-to-face workshop at the SME Annual Meeting. The SME PE Committee is always looking to add additional members. We invite you to join our service to the Society. Please contact Dr. Andrew Schissler, PE at for details.

I am now a Professional Mining Engineer – so what?

By Maria Gobitz, Mining Engineer

A professional engineering license is a rite of passage for most young engineers, learn what the exam meant for one engineer

Just over a year ago, I was one of 82 individuals across the United States anxiously awaiting to hear if I had passed my Mining/Mineral Professional Engineering (PE) license exam. I spent 8 hours answering 80 multiple choice questions in a room in Phoenix. This exam was not just another test for me—it was a milestone in my career.  Click here to read Maria's story

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