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In our ongoing efforts to help Scouts learn about the mining industry and its impact on their lives, SME and the MEC have worked with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to develop the Mining in Society merit badge, including the requirements, pamphlet, badge design and other materials.

More than 29,000 Scouts have earned the BSA’s Mining in Society merit badge since it premiered in 2014. Despite the pandemic, online learning brought the Mining in Society Badge to Scouts nationwide through the efforts of the MEC Scouting Subcommittee and volunteers. Charlie Zimmerman, Chair of the MEC Scouting Subcommittee, reached out to the Central Florida Council, BSA, to join in on their distance learning badge program. Within two weeks, Charlie and other volunteers had developed a program of four one-hour presentations covering all eight badge requirements, including live Q&A. Over 600 Scouts signed up for the online course, and the online presentations took place the week of April 13. By the end of May, 426 Scouts had submitted their completed work for the merit badge, with an additional 211 having partially completed the badge. Dan O’Connor provided expertise for a similar 50-Scout virtual merit badge training program. This type of work by this enthusiastic group continues. For more information on the MEC’s Scouting outreach program, visit

MEC continues to support Scouting and MiSmb year round through the Mining in Society merit badge web page. On that page you can learn all your need to know about becoming a Mining in Society merit badge counselor. Then, by completing the Roll Call form, you will be added to our mailing list for MiS merit badge counselors for future communications regarding the merit badge, support materials and your role as a counselor.


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