ABET, Inc., is the non-governmental organization that “accredits over 3,700 applied science, computing, engineering, and technology programs at more than 750 institutions in 30 nations.  ABET is recognized as the worldwide leader in assuring quality and stimulating innovation in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology education.  ABET serves the public globally through the promotion and advancement of education in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology.” 

Why is SME a “Member Society” of ABET, Inc.?

Murray.jpg Murray Energy Corporation has committed to annually fund the SME Foundation ABET Program. The funding will continue to provide for SME to be a participating body in the ABET organization, including two seats on the Engineering Accreditation Commission, and one seat on the ABET Board of Directors. In addition, the funding will provide for recruiting, training and deployment of professionals who visit colleges or universities that offer B.S. degrees in geological engineering, geophysical engineering, mining engineering, minerals engineering, geoenvironmental engineering and environmental engineering to ensure that the programs maintain the ABET accreditation.

The SME Foundation thanks Robert E. Murray, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Murray Energy Corporation, for this generous annual contribution for the ABET Program and for his many years of loyal service to SME and the SME Foundation.

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