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The Pittsburgh Section is a legally constituted unit of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc., an international, nonprofit association of over 15,000 professionals working in the mineral industries. SME members have the technical expertise acquired through training and experience and the innovative ability to enhance their industry.

The jurisdiction of the SME Pittsburgh Section includes 41 Counties in western Pennsylvania, 33 Counties in eastern Ohio and 4 Counties in northern West Virginia.  The Pittsburgh Section has two subsections, the Appalachian Plateau Subsection and the Central Pennsylvania Subsection.

Special focus areas for the Pittsburgh Section are:
  • Continued interest in educating the public on the importance of mining and minerals.
  • Technical programs for educational growth and professional enhancement.
  • Social activities to provide a platform for networking and entertainment with peers.


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Congratulations to our 2023
25 and 50 Year SME Members!
50 Year Members:
Samuel Filippelli
Randall Wallett
Larry Watters
Warren Merritt
David Bartsch

25 Year Members:
Timothy Beck
Jeffery Kern
Jeff Allaman
Michael Young
Ryan Murray
Heather Dougherty
James Turner
Frank Hilty
Eric Bauer
Michael Droszcz
Robert Farmer


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