Pittsburgh Section

The Pittsburgh Section is a legally constituted unit of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc., an international, nonprofit association of over 15,000 professionals working in the mineral industries. SME members have the technical expertise acquired through training and experience and the innovative ability to enhance their industry.

The jurisdiction of the SME Pittsburgh Section includes 41 Counties in western Pennsylvania, 33 Counties in eastern Ohio and 4 Counties in northern West Virginia.  The Pittsburgh Section has two subsections, the Appalachian Plateau Subsection and the Central Pennsylvania Subsection.


Pittsburgh Board of Directors:

Sam Baker, P.E. Director 2023
Rachel Boothby Director 2023
Brandon Coneby, Esq. Director 2023
Heather Dougherty, PhD, P.E. Director 2023
Mike Fabio Director 2023
Matt Gray Director 2023
Juliette Hill Director 2023
Jason Hustus, P.E. Director 2023
Michael Keener, P.E. Director 2023
Robert Kimutis Director
Jaisen Kohmuench, PhD Director 2023
Jeff Kravitz, PhD Director 2023
Robert P. Kudlawiec, P.E. Director 2023
Adam Patterson, P.E. Director 2023
Matt Rob, P.E. Director 2023
Jack Trackemas, MS Director 2023
Rich Wagner, P.E. Director 2023
Ed Zeglen, P.E. Director 2023


Section Officers:

Eric Shereda, P.E. Chairperson
Barbara J. Arnold, PhD, P.E.  Treasurer
Amanda Bayne  Secretary


Section Mentors:

Michael Trevits, P.G. Past Chairman
Vladislav Kecojevic, PhD Section Mentor
Heather Trexler, P.G. Section Mentor
Dan Alexander, P.E., PhD, RM Section Mentor


Special focus areas for the Pittsburgh Section are:

  • Continued interest in educating the public on the importance of mining and minerals.
  • Technical programs for educational growth and professional enhancement.
  • Social activities to provide a platform for networking and entertainment with peers.


MEC Subsection (formerly the GEM subsection)

The Minerals Education Coalition’s (MEC) mission is to identify, produce and disseminate fact-based K-12 minerals education lessons and activities and to inform and educate the general public about the importance of mining in their everyday lives. The MEC is the result of the successful merger of SME’s Mineral Information Institute (Mii) and Government, Education and Mining (GEM) programs.

Helpful links:
Click here for K-12 Education resources from the MEC.
Click here for the Rock and Mineral 10-Specimen Kit Companion Book
Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair website.


Penn State Student Section:

Objectives of the Penn State SME Student Chapter are to aid and encourage the professional development of the individual members of the society, to promote among its members a self-sought increasing knowledge of Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing, to instill a professional pride in the careers by the members, to provide a forum for meeting and discussing matters of interest to those concerned with the mining industry, and to facilitate between student members and professionals within the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration.

If you have any questions about this chapter please visit http://pennstatemining.wix.com/mining or contact Student Chapter President Edgar Liberato at esl5149@psu.edu. Website: http://www.eme.psu.edu/academics/student-orgs/sme

Student Chapter Officers:

Nicholas Boras President nab37@psu.edu  2021
Calvin Kroczynski Vice President 2021
Benjamin Hollister Treasurer 2021
Darby Adams Secretary 2021
Dr. Mohammad Rezazee Faculty Sponsor mzr288@psu.edu 2021

West Virginia University Student Section:

The Student Chapter of SME at WVU is the primary student organization for the mining department and works hand in hand with the Department to build upon what is being taught in the classroom. The chapter mainly focuses on three important goals which include professional development, younger student involvement and community outreach. This chapter aims to help develop students professionally and to help members bridge the gap between being students and becoming professionals. Throughout the year, through the student chapter, members are given several opportunities to interact with countless industry leaders and professionals in a professional as well as social manner. The chapter also aims to help incoming freshmen and sophomores become more involved with the university and mining industry. The chapter gives young members the opportunity to get to know their classmates and professors in an informal setting with several events throughout the year. Lastly, the chapter strives to give back to the university and community through community outreach.


If you have any questions about this chapter please contact WVU SME at wvusme@gmail.com. Website: https://www.facebook.com/SMEWVU/

Student Chapter Officers:

Jacob Horner President 2023
Drew Reese Vice President   2023
Trent Cavanaugh Secretary   2023
Jackson Smith Program Coordinator   2023
Thommy Bafunye Social Media Coordinator   2023
Deniz Tuncay Faculty Sponsor  Deniz.tuncay@mail.wvu.edu 2023
Deniz Talan Faculty Sponsor Deniz.talan@mail.wvu.edu 2023

 Dr. Brijes Mishra Faculty Sponsor brijes.mishra@mail.wvu.edu2017