Thursday                             12:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Friday                                   8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday                              9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

TECHNICAL PROGRAM (In no particular order - this will be updated with the actual program closer to the meeting)

  1. Mud Science – Driving Innovation at Oceana Gold Haile, Caelen Anderson, Oceana Gold
  2. Energy Fuels – Uranium and Vanadium Update, Mark Chalmers, Energy Fuels
  3. Playing in the Museum – Mineral Processing & the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum, Stephen Whittington, National Mining Hall of Fame
  4. Playing in the Mud – It Starts with a Strong Foundation!, Mary Korpi, SME Foundation
  5. How Process Mineralogy Can Be Used from Flowsheet Development to Plant Performance, Bernie Young & Sarah Prout, SGS Minerals
  6. Metals: Essential to the Post-Scarcity Society, Kevin Pritchett, Quadra Chemicals
  7. Mining & Metallurgical Society of America – Building New Mud Pies!, Amy Jacobsen, MMSA
  8. First Stage Yanacocha Sulfides Water Treatment, aka Development of Yanacocha Sulfides Cu SX/EW, Scott Shuey, Newmont
  9. 7 Consecutive Years of Profitability – Targeting 100% Gold Production Increase & Higher Dividends, Jason Reid, Gold Resource Corp.
  10. Fiore Gold Pan Mine – Operations Overview, Kevin Riley & Andy Britton, Fiore Gold
  11. Lithium Hard Rock Processing by DMS Operation – Challenges & Opportunities, Massoud Aghamirian & Syed Saad Ali, SGS Minerals
  12. Diagnostic Leaching: A Practical Approach for Assessing Refractory Ores, Deepak Malhotra, ProSolv
  13. Todd Gold Project – Impact of Process Innovation, John Rozelle, Vista Gold
  14. Bio-oxidation – Tank or Heap…Anything Else?, Jaehon Lee, University of Arizona
  15. The Chapada Story – Increasing Recovery Using APC and SFR Technology, Michael Schaffer, Woodgrove Technologies
  16. Performance of the Eriez Cavitation Column at Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine, Josh Schley, Newmont
  17. Arsenic Stabilisation by Vitrification: Dundee’s Industrial Implementation, Jean-Philippe Mai, Dundee Technologies
  18. Making More Mud – Expanding the Idaho Cobalt Concentrator, Darby Stacey, Formation Capital Corporation & Cameron Wolf, Samuel Engineering
  19. Playing with an Open Hand, Jacob Croall and Peter White, Newmont
  20. The Infamous Legacy of Upstream Tailings Dams, Matt Fuller, Tierra Group International, Inc.


Keynote Speakers and Awards:

Thursday,                  (Dinner)     “Games and Grub” Opening Reception – Networking, Fine Colorado Cuisine and Libations  

Friday,                       (Lunch )      Keynote Address, Hugh Miller, 2019 SME President

Friday,                       (Dinner)      Dinner, Dancing & Awards Ceremony with music by the Washpark Band