Thursday                             12:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Friday                                     8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Saturday                                8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


  1. Mitigating Operation Disruption – Rich Norton, Colorado Springs Utilities
  2. Shortage of Human Capital and Strategies to Retain Talented Employees – Michael Nuamah, SNF
  3. The Value, Importance, and Challenges of Funding Mining Education – Corby Anderson, Colorado School of Mines
  4. Toward Zero Waste Recycling – Joseph Grogan, Gopher Resources
  5. A Snap Shot in Time – Garland Davis, Metso Outotec
  6. A Fresh Technology Development in Overcoming Challenges in the Processing of Tailings – Dave Meadows, Bechtel M&M
  7. Addressing the Global Shortage of Rare Earths with Sensor Based Ore Sorting at the Nechalacho Rare Earth Mine - David Connelly, Cheetah Resources
  8. Critical Minerals: The Economic and Public Policy Context – Rod Eggert, Colorado School of Mines
  9. Recent Experience in the Design of Graphite & Lithium Extraction and Purification Plants – Everod Samuel, Samuel Engineering  
  10. Acute Operational Water & Tailings Storage Shortages: A Case Study – Tom Boundy, Paterson & Cooke
  11. Improving the Efficiency of Water Resources - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Steve Paulson, Nalco Water
  12. Rise of the Sufferfest: Mineral Processing Edition – Nick Gow, Forte Dynamics
  13. Effect of Supply Network Trends & Challenges to the Minerals Industry – Jehal Shah, Kiewit
  14. Building and Testing the Next Generation of Packed Bed Testing Machine – Garret Sollon, Metso Outotec
  15. Circular Economy of Materials for Energy and Infrastructure: The New Needed Era – Judith Vidal, NREL
  16. Ashram Rare Earth & Fluorspar Deposit - A Secure & Long-term Solution to Nd and Pr Supply – Darren Smith, Commerce Resource Corporation
  17. Benefits in Water Recovery with Paste Thickened Tailings – Case studies – Rodrigo Gouveia, West Tech
  18. How Technology can Simplify Your Pumping Needs – Tyler Johnson, Grundfos
  19. Rock Kleen - An Innovative Disruptive Technology will Help Address Mineral Shortages – John Whitney, Itronics

Keynote Speakers and Awards:

Thursday, April 28      (Dinner)   Business Casual Dinner
Friday, April 29            (Lunch)    Critical minerals in the US: Can the USGS collaborate with industry to increase supplies? - Jeffrey Mauk, USGS

Friday, April 29            (Dinner)   Awards Ceremony and Formal Dinner 

Saturday, April 30                         Lou Cope Award Presentation