UCA Young Members are strongly encouraged to join UCA of SME.

The mission of the UCA is to promote the responsible development and use of underground space and facilities. 

The UCA is dedicated to provide the best professional products available to the industry through T&UC (Tunneling & Underground Construction) magazine, the George A. Fox Conference, The North American Tunneling conference, and The North American Tunnel Demand Forecast. Additionally, members will have complete access to all SME products and services including the RETC, Mining Engineering and T&UC magazines, SME short courses and topical conferences, more than 100 other publications and proceedings, web and career services, and much more. The volunteers provide critical industry and technical knowledge to provide premier educational and professional development opportunities for practitioners across the globe. 

About UCA  

The Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. is the most visible network of mining and miner professionals worldwide. Now, we've gone underground to reveal a valuable new resource for professionals specifically involved in the planning, design, development, construction and us of underground facilities. Introducing the Underground Construction Association of SME - an informative, interactive community of engineers, contractors, owners, government agents, and anyone with professional interest in the underground construction industry.

Think deep - and get connected - at your industry's premier events.

Going underground is familiar territory for SME. Most likely you already know us as the organization behind the biennial Rapid Excavating and Tunneling Conference (RETC), an event we've proudly hosted for over 25 years which continues to grow each year. Now, as the Undergound Construction Association of SME (UCA of SME), we're pleased to offer more opportunities to "think deep" about the science and technology of your industry by sponsoring the North American Tunneling Conference (NAT) - the biennial event you've come to expect as the premier source for networking opportunities and exchange of new technology. When you join the Underground Construction Association of SME, your membership entitle you to reduced registration fees for NAT, RETC and all SME conferences and seminars.