Nevada MPD Subsection

The NV MPD’s purpose is to provide technical development of mineral processing professionals and to promote advances in methods and techniques for process improvements, cost reductions and project development. In addition, the meeting will serve to raise funds for educational priorities, such as student scholarships, which will help to develop future professionals for our industry. Our mission will be accomplished through an annual meeting of high technical and professional quality. Our meeting format is similar to that of the Colorado MPD and the CMP meetings, which we feel is an excellent format for sharing information and networking.

The Nevada MPD Subsection is composed of experienced people from all disciplines of the industry.


SME member

Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration

NV MPD Subsection, Northern NV Section

PO BOX 20891

Reno, NV 89515



Jim Wickens

Vice Chair

Todd Esplin


Jack McPartland


Dan Whiteley

Past Treasurer

Tom Rauch

Member At Large Paul Wilmot
Member At Large Michael Deal
Member At Large Andrew Cavendor
Member At Large Kristine Murphy
Member At Large Tim Meyers
Member At Large Himesh Patel
Member At Large Melissa Hurt
Student Representative Juan Cervantes
Student Representative Madison Sandoval
Golf Tournament Coordinator Steve Cochrane

Questions? Please contact Jim Wickens, NV MPD Chairman at (803) 246-9120, or e-mail