SME’s 8th Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference (CTMF 2023)
Managing Risk and Identifying Opportunities in a Disruptive World
- Where Finding, Financing and Securing Supply is Critical
Connecting Mining, Finance and Engineering Executives
in-person on Monday May 8 - Thursday May 11, 2023
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Revisit this tab for updates about the workshops. Below are three workshops that will be offered at CTMF 2023. There will be others. The workshops will be offered on Monday May 8, 2023 and Thursday May 11, 2023. The workshops on Monday, May 8 will close with a Welcome/ Dinner Reception. All those who register to attend the workshops on Monday May 8 are welcome to also attend the Monday welcome reception. Conference delegates are welcome to attend the receptions.

I. How to Quickly and Reliably Estimate Mining Costs- Sam Blakely, Costmine, Senior Mining Engineer

Realistically estimating the costs associated with mining and mineral processing are vital steps in creating mining financial models, such as for valuations and funding decisions, that are highly relevant to a singular mining project. But the practice of mining cost estimating is often intimidating as evaluators are asked to consider all costs over the life of a project using technical data from unfamiliar fields. In this way, engineering-based (i.e., bottom-up) methods of cost estimation can be particularly time consuming and may be seen as unachievable depending on the evaluator’s background. However, modern solutions exist to guide evaluators through this process, and enable them to easily handle the significant volume of work associated with engineering-based estimates in a timely manner. This workshop (led by Sam Blakely, Costmine’s Senior Mining Engineer) offers a chance to learn how to, at a scoping- through pre-feasibility-level, efficiently create defendable engineering-based mining and mineral processing cost estimates using Sherpa, a suite of web-based cost estimating applications from Costmine. Emphasis will be given to open-pit mining cost estimating using Sherpa Surface. The opportunity to explore three other Sherpa applications (Underground, Processing, and Reclamation) will also be provided to interested participants during the later portion of the workshop.

Sam Blakely began his career in mining as a geologist and is now employed as the Senior Mining Engineer with Costmine in Spokane, WA USA. He has experience with diverse commodities, from precious metals through industrial minerals, contributing to mineral development and exploration projects in East Africa, South America and across the United States. Sam now concentrates on engineering-based mining cost estimating for Costmine; he contributes to many of Costmine’s publications, works to improve and expand a suite of mining cost estimating software alongside a team of developers, and consults directly for clients. Sam holds a B.S. in Geology as well as an M.S. in Mining Engineering and Management and serves on the board of the Columbia Section of SME.

Costmine Intelligence - Costmine has been tracking mine equipment and labor costs for 40 years, using proprietary cost models to help operators, service providers, banks and investors build reliable mine capex and opex estimates for a range of commodities and mine types. Costmine also maintains a vast database of 40k mine properties globally, helping customers screen for opportunities from early exploration through to closed assets.

II. Managing Constructions Risks and Mitigating Consequences on Mining Projects -
Shearman & Sterling

Mining operations are highly regulated and subject to significant development, technical, geological, commercial, political, legal and other risks. As a result, over 80% of mining projects are not completed within the parameters set out in the feasibility study. As a result, often greenfield mine construction experiences significant delays and cost overruns. This Workshop will explore how companies can manage the risks and mitigate the consequences of delays, cost overruns, and other types of obstacles arising from major capital investments that can occur throughout the life of a project. The panel will examine these issues at three critical phases: contract formation; project execution; and dispute resolution.

III. S-K 1300 Disclosure by Registrants Engaged in Mining Operations - Greg Gosson, Ph.D., P,Geo., Technical Director, Geology & Compliance, Wood plc. and Stella Searston, FAusIMM, MAIG, RM SME, Principal Geologist, Mine Technical Services Ltd. (MTS)

This workshop will focus on unique challenges the new S-K 1300 standards have created when preparing mining studies and mineral property disclosure for critical metals and minerals needed for the green economy. The challenges to be discussed are directed at specific requirements for the defined mining studies under S-K 1300, the need to show how a process method or plant design has never been used commercially in order to support mineral resources and mineral reserves, the need for market studies to support the mineral resources and mineral reserves for these unique deposits, and the availability of properly qualified persons to sign off on the many unique aspects of these deposits and their mines.

Greg Gosson has 40 years in mining industry in exploration, mine operations, and senior company management.; five years as Chief Mining Advisor of the BC Securities Commission; Led the project to revise NI 43-101 in 2005; Involved in drafting legislation on Civil Liability under BC Securities Act, and NI 51-102 Continuous Disclosure Obligations; Former chair, current member of the Mining Technical Advisory and Monitoring Committee on NI 43-101: industry advisory group to the Canadian securities regulators; Member of the PDAC Securities Committee and Mining advisory committee to Canadian Securities Administrators on NI 43-101 (MTAMC); Member of the CIM Committee on Mineral Resources and Reserves (and Best Practices); Member of the CIM‐CSA Working Committee on NI 43-101; 12+ years as Technical Director, Geology & Compliance with Wood. 

Stella Searston, RM SME, F.Aus IMM, AIG; Principal Geologist, Mine Technical Services Ltd.; Member of: CIM Mineral Resource and Reserve Committee; SME Resources/Reserves Committee. Technical reviews, audits, and specialist studies including due diligence and governance/compliance appraisals. Prepared technical aspects of listing and filing documents, independent expert and competent person reports for various exchanges, including AIM, HKEx, ASX, JSE as well as Canadian exchanges. Part of peer review of major mining studies (PEA, PFS, FS) Prepared/reviewed/compiled over 480 NI 43-101 technical reports, and over 20 reports under S-K1300.

Workshops are opportunities to meet, exchange, discuss and share ideas and ask questions of instructors and fellow delegates. Workshop presenters are leading subject matter experts who will discuss examples and case studies about best practices, core issues and trends, with plenty of time to engage with attendees. To register to attend a workshop you do not have to be registered to attend the Tuesday and Wednesday conference. NYC area based financial and equity analysts, bankers, investors, et al are welcome to register to attend workshops.

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Below is Graham Clow, P.Eng., Chairman & Principal Mining Engineer of RPA leading a CTMF 2017 workshop  

Below is Michael Samis, SCM Decisions leading a CTMF 2019 workshop about the Impact of Political Risk  

After the workshops on Monday May 8, 2023 will be a Welcome Reception/ Dinner from 5 to 7:30 pm.
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Photo is of CTMF 2017 workshop by Simon Moores, CEO, Benchmark Minerals re Battery Metals Supply Chains  

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SME's 8th Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference
Managing Risk and Identifying Opportunities in a Disruptive World
- Where Finding, Financing and Securing Supply is Critical 
Connecting Mining, Finance and Engineering Executives TM 
Monday May 8 - Thursday May 11, 2023

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