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9th Current Trends in Mining Finance (CTMF) Conference 
Seeking Certainty in an Uncertain World
Connecting Mining, Finance and Engineering Executives
Monday May 20 thru Wednesday May 22, 2024 
Shearman & Sterling's Conference Center, at 599 Lexington Ave

Check back to this site for updates and more details about the two day CTMF conference agenda, on Tuesday May 21 and Wednesday May 22, including many other well known industry experts. They will be posted below and in the Program Tab.

ubmit your expressions of interest to speak, and bios and reserve your group rate hotel room at the near by Marriott hotel now. Register soon, space at the conference is limited. Visit the workshop tab to learn about these four informative, engaging workshops in the morning and afternoon, on Monday May 20, 2024.

Workshop I. Adam Hawkins and Alan Oshiki: Why We Lose. How We Can Win. Win Hearts and Minds by Defining, Understanding, and Adapting to Social, Political, and Reputational Risk Factors 

Workshop II.
Christopher Ryan and Jesse Sherrett: Shearman & Sterling LLP: Key Risks Relating to New Technologies and Steps That Mine Owners and Contractors Should Consider

Workshop III.
Dave McLane, PE and Dan Kenny: Burns & McDonnell: The Challenge of Delivering Projects as the Mining Industry Transitions to a Decarbonized World: What's Involved

Workshop IV.
Gerald Whittle, CEO and Raziel Zisman, M.A., M.E.S., LL.M., Whittle Consulting
: Integrated Strategic Planning in Mining

Among many esteemed, industry executives, leaders and experts joining us and speaking at the conference, will be these US and other Government officials from elsewhere, including Mr. Zack Valdez, Mr. Joseph Sopcisak, and Mr. George Cajati and possibly other officials from the US government, to discuss:

Coordination of Mineral Development and Strengthening Supply Lines:
Efforts Across the US Government

The global market for minerals in relation to developing the clean energy transition is witnessing unprecedented growth, driving increasing demand from various industries. The United States government plays a crucial role in coordinating mineral development efforts, ensuring stable supply chains, and mitigating uncertainties in the dynamic landscape. This panel aims to explore the strategies employed across the USG to manage mineral development, stretch supply lines, and reduce uncertainty in the global market with key topics such as policy frameworks, international collaborations, and technological advancements. Attendees will gain valuable insights on efforts to streamline permitting processes, encourage responsible mining practices, and promote innovation and partnership in developing the upstream clean energy supply chain.

Zack Valdez; Advisor, Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains, Department of Energy

Zack Valdez serves as Advisor to the Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains. Previously, he served the office as its Chief of Staff. Prior to joining DOE, he developed strategy for diversity, equity, inclusion, and future workforce policy at the Office of Advanced Manufacturing within the National Institutes of Standards and Technology. Dr. Valdez has extensive experience with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math outreach and engagement with national non-profits. He is also an alumni of the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology Policy Fellowship, where he served on the Energy and National Resources Committee of the U.S. Senate. Zack received his academic degrees in his native state of Texas with a Ph.D. from Baylor University and Engineering and Physics B.S. degrees from St. Mary’s University.

Joseph Sopcisak; Technical Integration Officer MCEIP OASD for Industrial Base Policy; Department of Defense

Joseph “Joe” Sopcisak is the Technical Integration Officer for Manufacturing Capability Expansion and Investment Prioritization (MCEIP) within the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (OASD) for Industrial Base Policy (IBP) where he serves as a senior advisor, materials science subject matter expert, technical liaison and research analyst on Industrial Base sectors, supply chains, and key supplier matters. MCEIP prioritizes and invests in industrial development and production critical for protecting national security and is comprised of the DPA Title I, DPA Title III, and IBAS (ICAM) portfolios. Prior to his role with OSD, Joe was a staff research scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. He has a broad background in materials research and manufacturing including materials characterization, physical metallurgy, additive manufacturing, alloy design, and materials for extreme environments such as hypersonics. He is experienced in ceramics, metals, composites, refractories, bulk metallic glasses, laser-metal interactions, corrosion, and phase transformations. Joe holds a B.S. in materials science from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.S. in materials science from the University of Virginia.

George Cajati; United States Department of State; Foreign Affairs Officer

George Cajati is the Acting U.S. Representative to the Kimberley Process and a Foreign Affairs Officer at the U.S. Department of State in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs’ Office of Threat Finance Countermeasures. In this role, Mr. Cajati supports policymaking and implementation that seeks to minimize the funding available to groups that threaten domestic and international security, with a particular focus on the role of conflict minerals (Tungsten, Tantalum, Tin and Gold) and diamonds. He engages with a variety of domestic and international partners from governments, the business community, and non-governmental organizations to promote conflict free supply chains. In his current role George also supports implementation of Executive Order 14017 on America’s Supply Chains, specifically by enhancing international trade and cooperation related to critical minerals. 
Having started his career at the State Department in 2012, he most recently served, from 2015 to the beginning of 2017, as Special Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions. George’s other professional experiences include refugee resettlement in Northern Virginia, the 2010 US Census, and Government Relations for the International Association of Fire Chiefs. George is fluent in Italian and has intermediate knowledge of Spanish. After spending, much of his early life in Italy George came to the United States for college. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia and a Master of Public Administration from George Mason University. 

Also speaking at the conference will be Mr. Christopher Wimmer, Consul and Head of Investment, Canadian Consulate General, NYC. Mr. Wimmer will chair a panel discussion, with fellow co panelists, about: 

Critical Minerals: Powering Next Generation Technologies

This panel will discuss potential North American (mostly Canada) critical minerals’ supply for semiconductors, renewable energy and obviously, batteries. Will also focus a little on sustainability of locally sources minerals, including the greening of existing mines in production.

Also exciting, and not to be missed, will be two guest speakers at the Monday May 20, 2024 Welcome Reception, with networking, hors d'oeuvres and beverages. Join us! Space is limited. Register today. 

From ~6:10 PM – 6:30 PM Dr. Kwasi Ampofo, Head of Metals & Mining: BloombergNEF, will discuss:

Is the US winning the race to secure critical minerals for the energy transition?   
The key area of focus will be on the US government's work towards critical minerals supply chain security. The US government has over the past four years has introduced a series of legislatures, executive instruments and initiatives to ensure US automakers have access to the raw materials needed for its domestic market. Have these initiatives been successful or not?     
Dr. Kwasi Ampofo is the Head of Metals and Mining at BloombergNEF based in London. His team's research covers industrial metals, rare-earth metals, battery metals and the pathways for miners to reach net-zero. Prior to BloombergNEF, he was a mining engineer at Anglo American and a management consultant at Nous Group in Australia. He completed his PhD in Mineral Economics at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is currently a non-executive director at Amira Global. 
From ~7:00 PM – 7:20 PM, the second Guest Speaker will be Mr. Kai Hoffmann, the CEO of SOAR Financial. Mr. Hoffmann will speak about:
The Green Energy Revolution – Do Investors Really Care? Financing Trends
West vs East – is it even a fair fight? Bringing the battery supply chain home sounds great, but is it feasible? Who is even willing to finance this mega trend? Let’s discuss. Kai's talk will focus on investment trends in the junior mining space. Which commodities are being favored and why are they seeing inflows of capital? What are the alternative sources of funding?
Kai Hoffmann is a seasoned mining investor and entrepreneur. He has been active in the junior mining sector for 15 years and has consulted and worked with dozens of successful exploration companies. He is the CEO of the Soar Financial Group, which includes the successful Deutsche Goldmesse and Soar Financial Partners, a leading capital market advisory firm.

Also speaking at CTMF 2024 on Tuesday May 21 will be Debra Struhsacker, Principal of Struhsacker Consulting and Co-Founder of the Women’s Mining Coalition

The U.S. Needs a Centralized Minerals and Mining Agency
When Congress stopped funding the U.S. Bureau of Mines in 1996, it lost an important source of expertise on minerals and mining to help inform mineral policies. Since then, the Nation’s reliance on foreign minerals has skyrocketed. In 2023, the U.S. imported 100 percent of 15 minerals and relied on foreign countries for over 50 percent of another 34 minerals. Today, China is the top supplier of many of the minerals the U.S. needs for the clean energy transition, as well as for our economy and national defense, and for our manufacturing, technology, and transportation sectors.  The critical minerals grant programs enacted in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law have essentially outsourced mineral research to academia and the private sector.
There is no centralized federal agency to manage and coordinate these programs or to perform cutting-edge mineral research. In order to reduce our dependency on foreign minerals and to achieve our energy transition objectives, ensure national defense, and maintain a strong economy, the U.S. government needs an agency dedicated to mineral resources to improve the minerals security of America. This agency should be charged with researching mining and mineral processing techniques that strengthen our mineral supply chains, recover critical minerals from legacy mine wastes, and enhance mineral recycling.
Debra Struhsacker is a Reno-based minerals and mining policy expert who has helped many clients obtain the state and federal permits needed to explore for minerals and develop mines. She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wellesley College, where she majored in geology and French. She also has a Master’s Degree in geology from the University of Montana. Debra is one of the co-founders of the Women’s Mining Coalition, a well-recognized and respected mining advocacy group. 

For those of you who have not attended and are interested to learn more about who attends CTMF Conferences we suggest you visit our FAQ Tab. The CTMF Conference is for and attended by senior executives and mining industry specialists including engineers, bankers, financial analysts, investors, portfolio managers, service providers, government officials, policy officers and others. 

The conference, workshops, and receptions bring many together to discuss trends and a range of important topics, solutions and risks and opportunities. In brief, the majority of CTMF attendees are advising, evaluating, derisking, valuing and funding minerals and mining and natural resource projects around the world.

Titles of attendees include: CEO, President, Partner, Executive Director, Project Manager, Banker, VP, Engineering & Development, Corporate Finance Specialist, CFO, Treasurer, Consultant, Managing Director, Geologist, Project Geologist, Corporate Strategist, Investor, Chiefs, Environmental Specialist, Engineer, Mining Engineer, Lawyer, Financial and Equity Analyst, Accountant, Portfolio Manager, Controller, CTO - Chief Technology Officer, Digital Communications Officer, Global Leaders of Mining and Natural Resources, Founder and Community Engagement, Investor Relations Officer, Auditor, VP of Underwriting, Credit Research, Environmental Services Practice Leader and Appraiser.

This year's event will be our 9th in-person CTMF Conference. Last year's CTMF 2023 Conference attendance was at record levels. Attendance was in excess of 300 leading experts and influencers, including senior representatives from these firms. Join us in May. Space is limited.

Senior representatives from these and other banking, finance, accounting, royalty, streaming, private equity and investment firms attended CTMF 2023: Arias Resource Capital Management LP; Artemis Capital Advisors LLC; Aurum Capital Partners; Bailus Advisors; Balfour Holdings; Bleakley Financial Group; Bloomberg Intelligence; Bloomberg LP; BloombergNEF; The Brattle Group; Canadian Securities Exchange; Capstone Partners; Cerberus Capital; Citi; Citi; CitiBank; CPM Group; CRU International; Deloitte LLP; Evercore; Gavilan Commodities LLC; Global Mining Capital; Greystone Asset Management LLC; Hartree Partners LP; HSBC Bank; ING Capital; International Finance Corporation (IFC); Laura Stein; Long State Investments Ltd; Monitor Deloitte; Murdock Capital; Myrmikan Capital LLC; Northcott Capital; OCIM Metals & Mining SA; Omnibus Capital Ltd Co; Orion Resource Partners; OTC Markets Group; PMV Research LLC; Red Cloud Financial Services Inc.; Red Cloud Mining Capital; Resource Capital Funds; Rittenhouse International Resources; RK Equity; Roc Global LLC; S&P Global Ratings; SCM Decisions; Societe Generale Americas Securities LLC; Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking; Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking; Sprott Resource Streaming & Royalty Corp.; Van Eck Associates Corp.; Wield & Co.; World Bank and others.

Executives from these exploration and mining companies and officials from government agencies supporting mineral and mining investment attended CTMF 2023: American Exploration & Mining Association; Arias Resource Capital Management LP; Artemis Capital Advisors LLC; Artemis Capital Advisors LLC; Aurum Capital Partners; Australian Trade and Investment Commission; Bailus Advisors; Balfour Holdings; Better In Our Back Yard; Bleakley Financial Group; Bloomberg Intelligence; Bloomberg LP; BloombergNEF; Canadian Securities Exchange; Capstone Partners; Cerberus Capital; Citi; CitiBank; Consulate General of Canada in New York; Deloitte LLP; Evercore; Gavilan Commodities LLC; Global Mining Capital; Greystone Asset Management LLC; Hartree Partners LP; HSBC Bank; ING Capital; International Finance Corporation (IFC); Investissement Québec International; Laura Stein; Long State Investments Ltd; Long State Investments Ltd; Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MRNF); Monitor Deloitte; Murdock Capital; Nisga'a Lisims Government; Northcott Capital; Northcott Capital; OCIM Metals & Mining SA; Omnibus Capital Ltd Co.; Orion Resource Partners; OTC Markets Group; Québec Government Office in New York; Red Cloud Financial Services Inc.; Red Cloud Mining Capital; Resource Capital Funds; Roc Global LLC; S&P Global Ratings; S&P Global Ratings; SME - The NY Section; SME; Société du Plan Nord; Societe Generale Americas Securities LLC; Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking; Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME); Sprott Resource Streaming & Royalty Corp. ; U.S. Department of Commerce; U.S. Department of Energy; Van Eck Associates Corp.; Van Eck Associates Corp.; Wield & Co.; World Bank and Others.

Executives from these mining and exploration companies attended CTMF 2023: Abcourt Mines; Amazona Enterprises; American Rare Earths; Aston Bay Holdings; Barima Gold Mining Co Ltd; Big Rock Exploration; BlackRock Metals; Blue Whale Materials LLC; Cartier Resources Inc.; Compass Minerals; Copper Mountain Mining; Coppernico Metals Inc.; Critical Minerals Institute; Dakota Gold Corp.; Dolly Varden Silver Corp.; Dore Copper; Einar Mining; Eval Minerals; Exploits Discovery Corp.; Falcon Butte Minerals Corp; Gaucho Minerals; Glencore; Glencore; Gold Express Mines Inc.; Guanajuato Silver Company;. IG Global Group; IMDEX/ Cascabel; Jaxon Mining Inc.; Libra Lithium Corp.; Lomiko Metals Inc.; Los Andes Copper; McEwen Copper; McEwen Mining; Nemount Ghana; NioBay Metals; Northern Graphite Corp.; Nuvau Minerals Corp.; Odyssey Marine Exploration; Opus One Gold Corp.; Osisko Metals Inc.; Perpetua Resources; Pershing Resources Company; Phenom Resources; Piedmont Lithium; Power Nickel Inc.; Relevant Gold Corp. Ressources Sirios Inc.; Reyna Gold Corp.; Reyna Silver; Royal Gold Corp.; Silverback Precious Metals; St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp.; Teck Resources; Timberline Resources Corp.; Timberline Resources Corp.; Tocvan Ventures Corp.; Trident Royalties; Trigon Metals Inc.; Trillium Gold; U.S. Gold Corp.; Vior Inc.; Viva Gold Corp; Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. and Winsome Resources and others

Senior officers of these engineering, construction, equipment, legal, accounting, technology and other advisory companies attended CTMF 2023: Abernathy MacGregor; ARK Silver Gold Osmium; BacTech Environmental Corp.; Barr Engineering Co; Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP; Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP; BQ Energy; Broadlands Minerals Advisory Services Ltd.; Brooks & Nelson; Brooks & Nelson; Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP; CostMine; Dentons Canada; Dentons Canada DLA Piper; Eagle Mines Management; Ellis Martin Report; Ensero Solutions; Fasken; Fastmarkets; Foth Infrastructure & Environment LLC; Foth Infrastructure & Environment LLC; FTI Consulting; FTI Consulting; General Motors; GeoGlobal LLC; Geosyntec Consultants; GreenMet; Greyfriars LLC; H/Advisors Abernathy; Hatch Ltd.; Holland & Hart LLP; Independent Mining Consultants Inc.; Independent Mining Consultants Inc.; Independent Project Analysis; Inspire Resources Inc.; Kitco News; Kroll; Laszlo Photographer Inc.; Laszlo Photographer Inc.; Marsh; Materia USA; Metals Intelligence Desk; Mine Technical Services Ltd.; Mining Journal; Morais Leitao; Neoteric Energy and Climate; Newco; News Direct; Northern Miner Group; Northwestern Mutual; NPR; Partners in Performance; Red Cloud Financial Services Inc.; Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc.; Refined Substance Inc.; Resilient Infrastructure Group; RESPEC Company LLC; Roth Investor Relations Inc.; RPMGlobal; SGS; Shearman & Sterling LLP; Skarn Associates; SLR Consulting; SME - The NY Section; SME Foundation; McCarl’s Technical Services; Socialsuite ESG; SRK Consulting Inc.; Stagg Resource Consultants Inc; Stanford Mineral-X Initiative; Stantec; SysEne Consulting Inc.; Tetra Tech Inc.; The Northern Miner; The Prospector News; Torys LLP; Traxys Battery Holdings; Valency Ventures LLC; Vorticon Inc.; Whittle Consulting; Wood plc; World Steel Dynamics and WSP USA Inc. and others.

This site is under reconstruction. Revisit this site for updates re the two day CTMF 2024 Conference Agenda on Tuesday and Wednesday May 21 and 22, 2024. The Agenda is being developed now. Updates are coming! See the Agenda below and here. Register now. Conference registration fee is US$600 per delegate. Workshops US$275 per delegate. Space is limited*. The organizers may close registration early. All attendees must register in advance.  No registrations on-site are possible.
Thank you CTMF 2024 lead sponsors: RPM GlobalShearman & SterlingSLR Consulting, and SME Foundation and media partners. Contact us at info@smeny.org if you would like to join them!

Meet with many advisors and experts on precious, base, energy, battery metals and rare earth minerals, and many varied stakeholders and policy makers who work to anticipate, manage and reduce the risks associated with and fund mine projects worldwide. 
Learn about many technical, economic, policy and business issues discussed by leading mining and related sector subject matter experts and executives who evaluate, de-risk, find, and finance mineral resources and mining projects of all types around the world. 

The two day agenda focuses on funding the mining of and sourcing critical, strategic, industrial and precious metals and minerals processing and recycling, as the industry and consumers of minerals of all types adapt to a fast changing, disruptive geo-political, different world where all are transitioning to sustainable operations and attempting to secure and on-shore minerals needed  for the transition to renewable energy, electric vehicles, and the green economy. The impact on mining is profound. It is a complex, unique, technical sector with specific issues and needs, dependent on where mother nature inexplicably places the world's mineral resources. 
We hope to see you in NYC in May 20-22, 2024! Why should you attend CTMF 2024?  

* Meet leading authorities and subject matter experts in-person who work each day to improve mine operations, production and supply of minerals of all types, who are engaged by many of the world's leading mining, financial and technical and non-technical services firms addressing the latest trends and issues impacting and driving the global metals and mining markets. 

* Learn about the emerging gulf of available supply of key minerals driven by government policy and global energy transition, minerals and land policy and recent geopolitical developments, and why not every mineral resource is economic, nor commercial, and challenges and opportunities the current economic climate presents as global industry adopts climate change technology.

* Learn about technical, non technical and financial and management issues and economic and societal trends and talk with others about how they are impacting the financing and success and or failures of mine projects of all types including precious, base and industrial minerals and metals, as well as the related markets and managing and operating in an inflationary environment.

Get your questions answered by key decision makers, influencers, who are leading qualified world renowned technical, financial and non-technical advisors who evaluate, de-risk, value, find and fund mine projects of all sorts worldwide. 

* At breakfast, lunch, refreshment breaks, workshops and receptions meet with and build relations with the engineers, financiers, and executives who advise the world's investment firms and mining executives from Junior exploration focused companies to the world's largest mining firms. 

* Attend informative, in-depth workshops led by leading expert instructors as well as other delegates to learn about complicated issues unique to mining that impact project success. 

* To see an incomplete roster of firms who attended CTMF 2023 visit Why Attend

With many in the industry and elsewhere aware of the need for younger, the next generation of leaders to rise within the industry - that topic will be one to be addressed in several panels at CTMF 2024. All of which is why NY SME encourages you to join SME, learn about it and in particular the good and extensive work the SME Foundation does including by providing grants and scholarships to students and teachers focused on the geosciences. NY SME in 2023 and hopefully in 2024 will make a donation to SME's Foundation (SMEF) to help inspire and foster the next generation of geoscience professionals. We encourage your firm to learn about it and do the same. 

On Monday May 20, 2024 there will be two morning and two afternoon workshops followed by a Welcome Reception with two guest speakers starting at 5:30 pm. Registration for the two days of the conference starts at 7 am on Tuesday with the agenda kicking off at 7:40 am. There will be many engaging panel and roundtable discussions, keynotes, fireside chats and breakout sessions throughout Tuesday May 21 and Wednesday May 22. On both days there will be evening receptions with a guest speaker on Tuesday.  

Join us to meet with many industry leaders focused on evaluating and advising key decision makers and stakeholders about global mineral supply chains. Learn about the impact of the explosive growth of demand for key metals and many related financial, technical and non-technical critical issues as the world transitions to electric vehicles, batteries, energy storage, and clean energy and technology. Meet with and hear many experts discuss topics and trends that impact raising capital and how management and investors anticipate, track, manage and reduce the risks associated with mining projects. At all CTMF activities there will be opportunity to meet and talk with experts with first hand knowledge of critical, rare earth and battery metal; base, precious and industrial mineral and metal; and uranium, nuclear, coal, renewable energy, hydrogen and power generation as well as policy makers and officials from U.S., Canada, Mexico, elsewhere and lender, alternative finance, investment executives. 

Register for any of four informative, engaging workshops on Monday May 20. You do not have to register for the conference to attend those. 
View the agenda below and here showing many of distinguished, qualified, experts speaking. 

Other notable guest speakers, beyond those and many other leading experts who will be attending CTMF, are the two guest speakers at the Monday May 8 Welcome Reception. (Registration to it is limited to the first 125 registered people). The guest speakers include Laura Granier, PC, Partner, Co-Chair Mining Group, Holland & Hart LLP who will provide an update about Lithium Americas Corp's Thacker Pass lithium mine project in Nevada, one of the most talked about and anticipated lithium projects in the world, and other mining projects under development in America. We are eagerly looking forward to her remarks. 

he second guest speaker is Peter Boockvar, a well known Markets Strategist often interviewed on Bloomberg TV, MSNBC, etc. View a recent interview here. Peter will discuss the outlook and interconnection of inflation, interest rates, the economy and markets and highlight that the world is a much different place than many of us are used to over the past 10-15 years. The era of cheap money is over and we're not going back. It's time to acclimate to an environment of sticky inflation, higher interest rates and tighter monetary policy.

Below we will soon begin posting the content-rich agenda. It will also be shown here with speakers' bios and panel abstracts. Confirmed advanced registration is required. Space is limited*. There is no on-site registration. Organizers may close registration early.

Below is the Agenda - Schedule for the CTMF 2023 Conference
View Schedule at a Glance here

Content and times may change
We thank the sponsors including RPM GlobalShearman & SterlingSLR Consulting, and SME Foundation and media partners.

Monday May 8, 2023 - Workshops
Workshop registration and lunch start at 11:30 am; workshops end at 4:45 pm
Welcome Reception registration starts at 5:30 pm - 7:45 pm at Shearman & Sterling

Workshop I.  Workshop One: Managing Construction Risks & Mitigating Consequences on Mining Projects: by Shearman & Sterling from Noon to 2:15 pm: TwoAssessment of the Productivity of a Mining Project through Mine-to-Mill Reconciliation: The Importance of Post Investment Reviews by Geo Global and RESPEC from 2:30 pm to 4:45 pm. Registration includes lunch and Monday reception and dinner. 

Workshop II. Workshop Two: S-K 1300 Disclosure by Registrants Engaged in Mining Operations: by Wood Plc. and Mine Technical Services Ltd. (MTS) on Monday May 8. Registration and lunch start at 11:30 am, workshop ends at ~4:30 pm. Registration includes lunch and Monday reception and dinner.  

Monday May 8, 2023 - Welcome Reception 
Sponsor Red Cloud Securities Inc. 

Registration and reception start at 5:30 pm; with guest speakers start at 6 pm, end at 8:00 pm at Shearman & Sterling

Guest Speaker: Laura Granier P.C., Partner, Co-Chair Mining Group, Holland & Hart LLP - Laura will provide an update about Lithium Americas Corp's Thacker Pass lithium mine project in Nevada and other mining projects under development in America, and

Guest Speaker: Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Strategist, Bleakley Financial Group will discuss the outlook and interconnection of inflation, interest rates, the economy and markets - as only Peter Boockvar can. You will not want to miss these talks.

Tuesday May 9, 2023 - CTMF 2023 Conference Day One

Revisit this site for updates, times and order may change
We thank the sponsors including RPM GlobalShearman & SterlingSLR Consulting, and SME Foundation and media partners

7:00 am Registration and breakfast - Sponsors SRK Consulting; McEwen Mining; McEwen Copper

7:40 am Welcome by New York SME, Conference Co-Chairs: Tim Alch, Executive Director, Alan Oshiki, Chairman and Shearman & Sterling: Cynthia Urda Kassis, Partner, Head of Project Development & Finance | Lead Coordinator for Mining & Metals Opening Remarks: Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME): David Kanagy, Executive Director; Marc LeVier, SME President 2023; and SME Foundation: Thomas Rauch, President 

8:00 am I.1. A Deep Dive on Mining’s Financial Trends: Global Profit Forecasts, Spending Plans, and Credit Quality: Keynote: S&P Global Ratings: Donald Marleau, CFA, Senior Director, Sector Lead, Metals and Capital Goods    

8:25 am I.2. Key Trends: Overcoming Challenges and Disruptions Impacting Financing Mines Today: Roundtable: Chair: SLR Consulting: Richard J. Lambert, MBA, P.E., P. Eng. Technical Director, U.S. Mining Advisory, Teck Resources: Nicholas Hooper, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Exploration; Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking: Alvaro Belevan, Senior Director, Orion Resources: Jon Lamb, Portfolio Manager; Royal Gold Corp.: Alistair Baker, Vice President, Investor Relations & Business Development

9:10 am I.3. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Spectrum: Innovation to Commercialization to Support Energy Transformation: Roundtable: Current and future opportunities to identify and promote research and development and that will deliver the resources to reach a carbon-free future: U.S. Department of Energy: Zack Valdez, Ph.D., Chief of Staff, Office of Manufacturing & Energy Supply Chains (Ch); U.S. Department of Energy: Dr. Grant Bromhal, Senior Fellow for Geosciences: National Energy Technology Lab (NETL); U.S. Department of Energy: Dr. Othon Monteiro, Technology to Market Advisor: Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA) 

10:00 am I.4. Intended and Unintended Consequences of U.S., Canadian and Other Government Incentives: Roundtable:
Shearman & Sterling LLP: Cynthia Urda Kassis, Global Project Development & Finance Practice Group Leader, Lead Industry Coordinator for Metals & Mining (Ch); FTI Consulting: Bertrand Troiano, Managing Director, Power, Renewables and Energy Transition industry practice; Shearman & Sterling LLP: Jorge Medina, Head of Renewables - Americas; Torys LLP: Braden Jebson, Partner, Metals & Mining Group

10:45 am Refreshment break (available 9:45 – 11:15 AM) - Sponsors Reyna Gold and Reyna Silver 

10:55 am I.5. Where Are We in the Mining & Metals' Cycle? What is the Outlook for Commodities, Precious, Critical, Base, Battery and Other Metals? Metals Pricing Trends & Outlook: What’s Different? Roundtable:  The World Bank: John Baffes, Senior Economist, Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment (Ch); HSBC Bank: James Steel, Chief Precious Metals Analyst; CPM Group: Jeffrey Christian, Managing Partner; and World Steel Dynamics: Philipp Englin, CEO

11:40 am I.6. A Current Perspective about Critical Minerals re Economics and Policy: Roundtable: Colorado School of Mines: Roderick G. Eggert, Professor of Economics & Business, Coulter Foundation Chair in Mineral Economics, and Deputy Director, Critical Materials Institute (Ch); Columbia University: Robert Johnston, Executive Director, Center on Global Energy Policy; Greyfriars LLC: Matthew D. Zolnowski, President; GreenMet: Drew Horn, President

12:25 pm Keynote Speaker Lunch - Sponsor Government of Quebec

12:35 pm Introductions, Keynote and Panel Discussion: Government of Quebec

I.7.1. Introductions: Martine Hébert, Delegate General of Québec in New York, Québec Government Office in New York

I.7.2. Keynote Speech: Nathalie Camden, Associate Deputy Minister of Mines, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MRNF)

I.7.3. Panel Discussion: Critical and Strategic Minerals Supply Chains in Québec: When Government Policies and Strategies Make It Happen - With all the financial tools and coordinated action that it puts in place, we can say that the Government of Québec has built a unique business environment favorable to mining project development with a strong focus on the critical and strategic minerals sector. During this panel, we will learn about those tools and actions put in place by the MRNF and SPN, and hear the testimony of a Québec mining company, Vior, that benefits from it.

I.7.3.1. Moderator - Jonathan Lafontaine, Strategic Advisor for Mining Exploration and Promotion, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MRNF)
I.7.3.2. Jocelyn Douhéret, Director of Mining Policies, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MRNF)
I.7.3.3. Ian Morissette, Vice President for Sustainable Development and Partnership in the Northern Territory, Société du Plan Nord (SPN)
I.7.3.4. Exploration Mining Fund - to be announced
Laurent Eustache, Executive Vice President, Vior Inc.

1:35 pm I.8. Current State of China Affairs, Geopolitics and Impact on the Global Minerals Supply Chains: Roundtable: Global Mining Capital: Keith Spence, CEO & Partner (Ch); Independent Director: John King Burns, Chairman & CEO of Jaxon Mining; RPMGlobal: Phillipe Baudry, Executive General Manager, Advisory Services; Eval Minerals: Andre Gauthier, President; Roc Global LLC: John Zhang, Managing Director

1:35 pm I.8A. Having Your Smart Phone and Using It Too: How to Address NIMBY Issues For Miners and All of Us: Roundtable: Fasken: Frank Mariage, BSc, LLB, Senior Partner (Ch); Lomiko Metals Inc.: Belinda Labatte, Chief Executive Officer and Director; Osisko Metals Inc.: Robert Wares, Chairman and CEO; NioBay Metals: Jean-Sébastien David, President, CEO, Director

2:20 pm I.9. Importance & Challenges of Raising Finance for Exploration and Early-Stage Development; What is Different Today for Miners Looking to Raise Capital? Chair: Eagle Mines Management: Robert Schafer, President; Van Eck Associates Corp.: Joe Foster, Gold Strategist; Timberline Resources Corp:, President & Chief Executive Officer, Fire Fox Gold Corp.: Chairman, Patrick Highsmith; Red Cloud Mining Capital: Chad Williams, Chairman

2:20 pm 1.9A. Bringing the Next Generation of Critical Minerals and Battery Metals Facilities Online: Roundtable: McCarl’s Technical Services: Tom Rauch, President (Ch); Blue Whale Materials: David Fauvre, Co Founder and Chief Strategy Officer; 
Materia USA: Rabbi Yechezkel "Zeke" Moskowitz, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer; Piedmont Lithium: Erin Sanders, SVP Corporate Communications

3:05 pm I.10. Securing Mineral Supply Chains and Conflicting Policy Priorities: Keynote: American Exploration & Mining Association: Mark Compton, Executive Director 

3:05 pm 1.10A. The Automotive Industry Faces a Supply Chain Issue: China Dominates Critical Minerals Processing: Keynote: Critical Minerals Institute: Jack Lifton, Co-Chairman

3:25 pm Networking refreshment break - Sponsors Reyna Gold and Reyna Silver

3:45 pm I.11. Root Causes of Delays in Regulatory Approval of New Mineral Development Projects: Roadmap to Success: Roundtable: Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC: Stephen Donohue, P.H., VP: Mining (Ch); Foth Infrastructure & Environment LLC: Andrea Martin, P.E., Lead Engineer (Ch); Big Rock Exploration: Gabriel Sweet, Principal (Ch): Perpetua Resources: Mckinsey Lyon, VP External Affairs; Holland & Hart LLP: Laura Granier P.C., Partner, Co-Chair Mining Group (Ch)

3:45 pm I.11A. New Challenges in Resource & Reserve Disclosure: Roundtable; SLR Consulting: Deborah A. McCombe, P.Geo., Global Technical Director, Global Mining Advisory (Ch); Dakota Gold Corp.: Robert Quartermain, DSC, Co-Chairman; Stanford Mineral-X Initiative: David Zehn Yin, PhD, Co-Founder, Program Director; SLR Consulting: Jason Cox, P. Eng., Global Technical Director, Canada Mining Advisory

3:45 pm I.11B. Energy: Part One: Energy; Uranium; Nuclear Power - Capstone Partners: Raymond McCormick, Managing Director, Energy and Natural Resources (Ch); Northcott Capital and KCR Capital: Rick Reeves, Managing Director (Ch); Capstone Partners: Angela Helenberger, Vice President, Energy & Natural Resources

4:30 pm I.12. Financing Projects with Jurisdictional, New Technology and other Challenges: Roundtable: Shearman & Sterling LLP: Lachlan Poustie, Partner, Head of Africa Practice (Ch); International Finance Corporation (IFC): To be announced; ING Capital: Remco Meeuwis, Director, Metals and Mining Americas

4:30 pm I.12A. U.S. SEC Rule S-K 1300 Disclosures for Mining Registrants: Are You Ready? Chair: Wood Plc.: Greg Gosson, Ph.D., Technical Director, Geology & Compliance; Mine Technical Services Ltd.:, Stella Searston, FAusIMM, MAIG, RM SME, Principal Geologist; and Geosyntec Consultants: Edwin R. Peralta, PE, RM, SME, Principal Mining Engineer
4:30 pm I.12B. Energy: Part Two: Natural Gas, Coal, Hydrogen: PMV Research LLC: Michael Spohn, Independent Investment Analyst, Natural Resources; WSP: D. David Marston, P.E., Senior Vice President, Mine Engineering and Stability District Business Line Director; CRU International: Chris Lawson, Head of Fertilizers

5:15 pm 1.13. Many Risks and Opportunities: An ESG Ratings Provider’s Perspective of the Mining Sector and A Current View of the Lithium Market: Two Discussions: S&P Global Ratings: Erin Boeke Burke, Director & Lead Analyst, Sustainable Finance; RK Equity: Howard Klein, Co-Founder and Partner 

5:15 pm I.13A. Valuation of Mining Projects: Current Views: Roundtable: SLR Consulting: Grant Malensek, P.Eng., Senior Principal Mining Engineer - Mining Advisory (Ch); Van Eck Associates Corp.: Adam Graf, Senior Mining Analyst; Stagg Resource Consultants: Alan Stagg, President & Principal Economic Geologist; Broadlands Minerals Advisory Services Ltd.: Bernard 'Barney' J. Guarnera, President

5:15 pm I.13B. Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) - An Outlook: Bloomberg Intelligence: Mike McGlone, Senior Commodity Analyst; CPM Group: Rohit Savant, Vice President, Research; Myrmikan Capital LLC: Daniel Oliver, Principal 

6:00 pm I.14. Closing Remarks followed by evening reception, with guest speaker

Tuesday May 9, 2023 Evening Reception 6:00 - 7:30 pm - Sponsors ARK Silver; Big Rock Exploration; Blakes, Cassels & Graydon LLP; Costmine Intelligence; Dolly Varden Silver; Guanajuato Silver; Honey Badger Silver; Relevant Gold 

6:20 pm Welcome Remarks by NY SME

6:25 pm Guest Speaker: Rob McEwen, Chairman of McEwen Mining: Entering a New Super Cycle for Metals Without the Workforce to Maximize the Moment! 

6:45 pm Q&A - Moderated by Anthony Vaccaro, CFA, MBA, The Northern Miner Group, President

7:30 pm Conclusion of Day One of the Conference

Agenda for Wednesday May 10, 2023 - Day Two of CTMF 2023 Conference  
View Schedule at a Glance here
Revisit this site for updates, times and order may change
We thank the sponsors including RPM GlobalShearman & SterlingSLR Consulting, and SME Foundation and media partners

7:00 am  Registration and Breakfast - Sponsors SRK Consulting; McEwen Mining; McEwen Copper

8:00 am II.1. Keynote: The Conflict Between ESG and Shareholders: Douglas Silver, CEO, Balfour Holdings

9:00 am II.2. Project Management: Why Some Projects Succeed, Some Fail: Roundtable: RPMGlobal: Stuart Smith, President, Advisory & Consulting - Americas (Ch); Independent Project Analysis (IPA): Baqun Ding, Master Analyst; US Gold Corp.: Kevin Francis, VP Exploration & Technical Services; Costmine: Mike Sinden, Vice President; Dore Copper: Ernest Mast, CEO, President

9:00 am II.2A. The Why, The What, and The How Of ESG In Mining – Managing External Pressures, Identifying and Prioritizing Strategic Elements, and Effective Reporting: Roundtable: SLR Consulting: Simon Mendum, Financial Sector Lead: USA (Ch); 
SLR Consulting: Joanie Baczewski, Director: ESG Strategic Advisory; SLR Consulting: Jason Cox, P. Eng. Global Technical Director, Mining Advisory

9:00 am II.2B. Filling the Supply Gap for Copper: The Most Critical Metal of All: Roundtable: Mining Journal: Paul Harris, Editor, The Americas (Ch); McEwen Copper: Rob McEwen, Chairman & President; Los Andes Copper: Eduardo Covarrubias, Chairman; McEwen Copper: Michael Meding, VP & General Manager; Colorado School of Mines: Dr. Graham Davis, Professor Emeritus

9:45 am II.3. Importance of and Methods to Manage First Nations, Aboriginal Issues: Fireside Chat: Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP: Sandra Gogal, Partner, Aboriginal Law Group (Ch); Dolly Varden Silver Corp.: Shawn KhunKhun, CEO, President, Director; Nisga'a Lisims Government: Charles Morven, Secretary - Treasurer

9:45 am II.3A. Growing Role of ESG issues from a Finance, Technical and Legal Perspective: Roundtable: Dentons LLP: Greg McNab, Partner (Ch); RPMGlobal: Phillipe Baudry, Executive General Manager, Advisory Services; Trigon Metals: Jed Richardson, President and CEO; Social Suite: Seth Forman, President

9:45 am II.3B. Mexico’s Silver Renaissance: Roundtable: Mining Journal: Paul Harris, Editor, The Americas (Ch); Guanajuato Silver Company: James Anderson, Chairman & CEO; IMDEX/Cascabel: Dr. Peter K.M. Megaw, Consulting Exploration Geologist,  President; Tocvan Ventures Corp.: Brodie A. Sutherland, P. Geo., CEO; Reyna Silver: Lauren Megaw, Head of Investor Relations

10:30 am Networking refreshment break - Sponsors Reyna Gold and Reyna Silver

10:50 am II.4. Designing Project Finance Structures for the Mining Business Cycle: Roundtable: SCM Decisions: Michael Samis, Ph.D., P. Eng., Principal (Ch); Hartree Partners, LP: Matthew Rosales, P. Geo., Mine Finance & Investments Manager; Trillium Gold Corp.: Russell Starr, President & CEO; DLA Piper: Oliver Wright, Partner; Trident Royalties plc: Justin Anderson, VP, Americas

10:50 am II.4A.
 Human Capital Relevancy in Investment Successes and/or Failures: Roundtable:
Brooks & Nelson: Anita Bertisen, Partner (Ch); Brooks & Nelson: Jill Nelson, Partner; Colorado School of Mines: Dr. M. Stephen Enders, Mining Engineering Department Head; Independent Director: Edward C. Dowling, Jr., Teck Resources, Compass Minerals, Copper Mountain Mining; 
Orion Resource Partners: Kirsten Wolf, Chief Risk Officer, Chair, ESG committee; Resource Capital Funds: Jasper Bertisen, Partner, Team Leader, Investment Committee Member

10:50 am II.4B. Extractive Metallurgy for Rare Earths & Critical Minerals: Roundtable : Colorado School of Mines: Dr. Corby Anderson PE, Harrison Western professor and Director of the Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy (Ch);
K. Marc LeVier & Associates: Marc LeVier, President (Ch); Critical Minerals Institute: Jack Lifton, Co-Chairman; Tetra Tech: Kimberly Porsche, P.E., Director of Program Management, Senior Project Manager; Tetra Tech: Thomas Gray, P.E., Principal; Virginia Tech: Aaron Noble, PhD, Professor and Incoming Department Head, Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering

11:35 am II.5. The Importance of the Robustness of Various Studies in a Mining Project Cycle: Roundtable: GeoGlobal LLC: Dr. Abani Samal, CPG, RM- SME, Fellow- SME, Fellow-SEG, Principal; RESPEC: Peter Christiensen RM-SME, Principal; SLR Consulting: Grant Malensek, P.Eng., Senior Principal Mining Engineer - Mining Advisory; Independent Mining Consultants (IMC): John Marek, P. Eng., President 

11:35 am II.5A. Pathways to Net Zero: From Aspiration to Reality: Roundtable: Skarn Associates: Sophie Chung, Executive Director – Strategy & Development; Partners in Performance: Keith Russell, Director - Global Head of Energy Transformation 

11:35 am II.5B. Nickel and Lithium: Needed Battery Metals for the EV/ Energy Revolution: A Discussion: HATCH Advisory: Duncan Kluwak, CFA, PE, Principal (Ch); Libra Lithium Corp.: Koby Kushner, P. Eng., CEO and Director (Ch); RK Equity: Howard Klein, Co-Founder and Partner; Power Nickel Inc.: Terry Lynch, CEO

12:20 pm Networking Lunch - Sponsor RESPEC Consulting

12:35 pm II.6.1. Fireside Chat: The Brucejack Project: Discovery to Production in Eight Years: Lessons Learned: Dr. Robert Quartermain, DSc, Co Chairman, Dakota Gold Corp. with Anthony Vaccaro, President, The Northern Miner Group (Moderator)

1:40 pm II.7. Mining M&A and Consolidation Trends: Roundtable, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP: Steven McKoen, K.C. (Ch), Partner; Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, John Wilkin (Ch), Partner, Bloomberg LP: Todd Sibilla, Commodity Applications Specialist; Shearman & Sterling LLP: George Karafotias, Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions

1:40 pm II.7A. ESG & Mine Closure: Changing Landscape for Reporting: Roundtable: SRK Consulting: Ben Parsons, Principal Resource Geologist (Ch); SRK Consulting: Erik Ronald, Principal Geologist; SRK Consulting: Matthew Sullivan, Principal Mineral Economist; SRK Consulting: Jeff Parshley, Corporate Consultant (Mine Closure/ Environment)

1:40 pm II.7B.
Two Key Vital Critical Materials and Metals: Construction Materials and Vanadium: A Discussion: RESPEC Consulting: John S.L. Morgan, Senior Vice President and Phenom Resources: Paul Cowley, CEO

2:25 pm II.8. Quantifying & Managing All Risks: Geopolitical, Technical, Financial, Social and Environmental: Roundtable: Stantec: Michael Stine, Mineral Economist (Ch); Brattle Group: Florin Dorobantu, Principal; SCM Decisions: Michael Samis, Principal; Stantec: Ian Morrison, Senior Principal; Colorado School of Mines: Dr. Graham Davis, Professor Emeritus  

2:25 pm II.8A. Renewable Energy & Clearing Pathways to Project Success: Discussion: BQ Energy: Paul Curran, CEO and Integrated Information Systems, Inc., Douglass N. Loud, Esq. President 

2:25 pm II.8B. Two Experts’ Views re Why Metallurgy Matters: Discussion: Colorado School of Mines: Dr. Corby Anderson PE, Harrison Western Professor and Director of the Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy and K. Marc LeVier & Associates: Marc LeVier, President  

3:10 pm Networking refreshment break - Sponsors Reyna Gold and Reyna Silver

3:30 pm II.9. Why Listing on the OTC Markets in the US is Essential for Growth: Roundtable: OTC Markets Group: Chris King, SVP, International Corporate Services; OTC Markets Group: Jason Paltrowitz, Director, OTC Markets Group International Ltd. and EVP, Corporate Services, OTC Markets Group; Canadian Securities Exchange: Richard Carleton, CEO; Red Cloud Financial Services Inc.: Sebastian De Kloet, Senior Vice President, Marketing 

3:30 pm II.9A. Broader Frontier Issues in Mining and the Circular Economy: Roundtable: University of Delaware: Prof. Saleem H. Ali, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Geography & Spatial Sciences, Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment (Ch); University of British Columbia: John Steen, Associate Professor, EY Distinguished Scholar in Global Mining Futures, and Director of the Bradshaw Research Initiative in Minerals and Mining (BRIMM); Bloomberg NEF: Sung Choi, Associate 

3:30 pm II.9B. Getting to Net Zero by Effectively Combining Primary and Secondary Metals: Discussion: Glencore: Dr. Sumedh Gostu, Technical Risk Manager and Hydrometallurgy Expert (Ch); and others

4:15 pm II.10. What We Have is a Failure to Communicate: How Mining Industry Communications Fail to Benefit Stakeholders: Roundtable: The Prospector News: Michael Fox, Publisher (Ch); H/Advisors Abernathy: Alan Oshiki, Executive Vice President (Ch); Ellis Martin Report: Ellis Martin; Refined Substance Inc.: Kimberly Darlington, Principal; Better In Our Back Yard: Ryan Sistad, Executive Director

4:15 pm II.10AHow to Get Systemic Decarbonization of Mining Paid For and EngineeredInspire Resources Inc.: Andy Reynolds, President (Ch); Deloitte LLP: Michael E. Raynor, Managing Director; SysEne Consulting Inc.: Flyn McCarthy, Principal; Neoteric Energy and Climate: Kim Carnahan, Founder

4:15 pm II.10B. Financing Your Water Needs: Why Off-Balance Sheet Financing of Water Assets is More Than an Option, It’s Critical in Today’s Environment: Roundtable: 
Resilient Infrastructure Group: Bill Brennan, President (Ch);
Resilient Infrastructure Group: Sid Singh, Director of Investments and others
5:00 pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chair 

Wednesday Reception 5:00 - 7:00 pm at Shearman & Sterling LLP - Sponsors ARK Silver; Big Rock Exploration; Blakes, Cassels & Graydon LLP; Costmine Intelligence; Dolly Varden Silver; Guanajuato Silver; Honey Badger Silver; Relevant Gold 

Thursday May 11, 2023 - Workshops at Shearman & Sterling
Revisit this site for updates, times and order may change
We thank the sponsors including RPM GlobalShearman & SterlingSLR Consulting, and SME Foundation and media partners

Morning workshop registration and breakfast starts at 7:15 am; workshops III & IV start at 8:15 am and will end at 11:30 am with lunch starting at 11: 45 am. Afternoon workshop registration and lunch start at 11:45 am. Workshops V & VI will begin at 12:45 pm and end at 4:30 pm.

7:15 am  Registration and Breakfast - Sponsors SRK Consulting; McEwen Mining; McEwen Copper

Workshop III. Morning Workshop: Critical Aspects for Technical Due Diligence and Assessing Project Risks: by SRK Consulting on Thursday May 11 from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm. Registration includes breakfast and lunch

Workshop IV. Morning Workshop: Two Parts: (A.) How to Quickly and Reliably Estimate Mining Costs: by Costmine on Thursday May 11 from 8:00 am to 9:45 am. Registration and breakfast start at 7:15 am. (B.) Valuing Mineral Assets and Operations – Understanding Valuation Issues in a Changing World: Alan Stagg Consultants from 10 am to 11:45 am. Registration includes lunch

11:45 am Registration and Lunch - Sponsor RESPEC Consulting

Workshop V.  Afternoon Workshop: Pathway to Mining Project Success: Independent Project Analysis (IPA): Baqun Ding, Master Analyst, and Astor Luft, North America Regional Director on Thursday May 11 from Noon to 4:30 pm. Registration includes lunch and refreshment break. 

Registration is open. Local hotels are posted here. Register to meet, and ask questions of many executives, advisors, technical and non-technical experts and officials. The two day conference will consist of many engaging round table and panel discussions, keynote talks and fireside chats. All attending will have the opportunity to meet with and ask questions of the participant. If you want to submit an expression of interest to be a speaker contact us at info@smeny.org

Past attendees include: engineers, bankers, financial analysts, investors, portfolio managers, service providers, policy officials and others. Titles of past attendees include: CEO, President, Partner, Executive Director, Project Manager, Banker, VP, Engineering & Development, Corporate Finance Specialist, CFO, Treasurer, Consultant, Managing Director, Project Geologist, Corporate Strategist, Investor, Environmental Specialist, ESG Analyst, Mining Engineer, Lawyer, Financial & Equity Analyst, Accountant, Portfolio Manager, Controller, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Communications Officer, Global Leader of Mining & Natural Resources, Founder, Community Engagement, Investor Relations Officer, Auditor, VP of Underwriting, Credit Research, Environmental Services Practice Leader and Appraiser. 

All can register to attend any of the workshops described below. Visit workshops for details, including instructors' bios. Conference registration does not include attendance to any of the workshops shown below. 

Workshop I. Two Part Workshop: Part One: Managing Construction Risks & Mitigating Consequences on Mining Projects presented by Shearman & Sterling: Christopher Ryan, Partner, International Arbitration and Jesse Sherrett, Partner, International Arbitration Part Two: Assessment of the Productivity of a Mining Project through Mine-to-Mill Reconciliation: The Importance of Post Investment Reviews presented by Dr. Abani R. Samal, Principal, GeoGlobal, LLC and Peter Christensen, RM-SME, Principal RESPEC Consulting on Monday May 8. Registration and lunch starts at 11:45 am, workshop starts at 12:30 pm and ends at 4:30 pm.

Part One: Mining operations are highly regulated and subject to significant development, technical, geological, commercial, political, legal and other risks. As a result, over 80% of mining projects are not completed within the parameters set out in the feasibility study. As a result, often greenfield mine construction experiences significant delays and cost overruns. This Workshop will explore how companies can manage the risks and mitigate the consequences of delays, cost overruns, and other types of obstacles arising from major capital investments that can occur throughout the life of a project. The panel will examine these issues at three critical phases: contract formation; project execution; and dispute resolution.
Part Two: This workshop is intended to start a dialogue on the post investment review during the life of the mine in order to check if the mine is achieving the production target. In many cases, mines do achieve production targets and it is an opportunity to learn the reasons for such achievements. Mining operations, where production seems to be underperforming compared to plan, need special attention for better understanding of the reasons for such results. Sometimes, the production plan can be unrealistic and is not based on ground truth. There are many other reasons for production not matching with the plan on a monthly or quarterly or yearly time scale. In many cases, large mining companies conduct a post-investment review of the productivity thereby helping them to realize the truth about the project. The mining finance companies and investors should conduct such reviews to ensure that the investment would result in a good return.

Workshop IIS-K 1300 Disclosure by Registrants Engaged in Mining Operations - Presented by Greg Gosson, Ph.D., P.Geo., Technical Director, Geology & Compliance, Wood Group Plc and Stella Searston, FAusIMM, MAIG, RM SME, Principal Geologist, Mine Technical Services Ltd. (MTS) on Monday May 8. Registration and lunch start at 11:45 am, workshop starts at 12:30 and ends at 4:30 pm.

This workshop will focus on unique challenges the new S-K 1300 standards have created when preparing mining studies and mineral property disclosure for critical metals and minerals needed for the green economy. The challenges to be discussed are directed at specific requirements for the defined mining studies under S-K 1300, the need to show how a process method or plant design has never been used commercially in order to support mineral resources and mineral reserves, the need for market studies to support the mineral resources and mineral reserves for these unique deposits, and the availability of properly qualified persons to sign off on the many unique aspects of these deposits and their mines.

Workshop III
. Critical Aspects for Technical Due Diligence and Assessing Project Risks 
- Presented by SRK Consulting: Ben Parsons, Principal Resource Geologist; Matthew Sullivan, Principal Mineral Economist; 
Erik Ronald, Principal Geologist; Jeff Parshley, Corporate Consultant, Environment on Thursday May 11. Registration and breakfast start at 7:30 am, workshop starts at 8:30 am, ends at 11:30 am, and lunch starts at 11:45 am.

SRK discipline experts will present on common observations, key items that regularly represent project risk, due diligence philosophy and approach, and the importance of a tailored experience in a Due Diligence team. SRK performs fatal flaw through deep dive due diligences globally, across commodities, and mining methods. The exposure to a variety of global projects at various stages provides a unique visibility on what to look for, what questions to ask, how to identify “red flag” items as early as possible, and when to take a deeper dive to assess a project’s technical risk.

Workshop IV. Two Part Workshop (A.) How to Quickly and Reliably Estimate Mining Costs
by Costmine on Thursday May 11 from 8:00 am to 9:45 am. Registration and breakfast start at 7:15 am. (B.) Valuing Mineral Assets and Operations: Understanding Valuation Issues in a Changing World: by Alan Stagg Consultants from 10 am to 11:45 am. Registration and breakfast start at 7:30 am, work shop starts at 8:30 am, workshop ends at 11:30 am, and lunch starts at 11:45 am.

(A.) How to Quickly and Reliably Estimate Mining Costs: Realistically estimating the costs associated with mining and mineral processing are vital steps in creating mining financial models, such as for valuations and funding decisions, that are highly relevant to a singular mining project. But the practice of mining cost estimating is often intimidating as evaluators are asked to consider all costs over the life of a project using technical data from unfamiliar fields. In this way, engineering-based (i.e., bottom-up) methods of cost estimation can be particularly time consuming and may be seen as unachievable depending on the evaluator’s background. However, modern solutions exist to guide evaluators through this process, and enable them to easily handle the significant volume of work associated with engineering-based estimates in a timely manner. This workshop (led by Sam Blakely, Costmine’s Senior Mining Engineer) offers a chance to learn how to, at a scoping- through pre-feasibility-level, efficiently create defendable engineering-based mining and mineral processing cost estimates using Sherpa, a suite of web-based cost estimating applications from Costmine. Emphasis will be given to open-pit mining cost estimating using Sherpa Surface. The opportunity to explore three other Sherpa applications (Underground, Processing, and Reclamation) will also be provided to interested participants during the later portion of the workshop. Note: To access Sherpa Surface via your laptop’s web browser during this course, each preregistered participant/ delegate will be provided with temporary login credentials. Therefore, we highly encourage all participants to attend with their own laptop computers for this portion of the course.

(B.) Valuing Mineral Assets and Operations: Understanding Valuation Issues in a Changing World: The need to establish the value of mineral assets and operations arises in many contexts—acquisitions and divestitures, investment decision-making, collateralizing assets, public reporting, financial accounting, shareholder disputes, and a variety of other adversarial actions.  Each can entail a different set of issues and, accordingly, each may require the determination of a different standard of value. Societal changes, notably the increasing emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) investing, is taking the mining world into uncharted waters relative to the concept of “value,” and the workshop will identify some of the areas of tension that have or can be expected to arise.

In conducting any valuation, two concepts should be kept in mind: 1) value is a perception and 2) there are various standards of value.  Regarding the first, it should be noted that value is not inherent in the goods, commodity, or service to which it is ascribed but rather is created in the minds of those who make up the market.  Regarding the second, it should be noted that value expresses an economic concept and, as such, is never a fact but always an opinion.  In expressing such an opinion, the term “value” must be accompanied by a specific definition of the term and the term must also be qualified, for example: market value, liquidation value, investment value, and so forth.   This workshop is designed to provide participants the basic foundation to allow the selection of appropriate standards of value and valuation approaches and techniques. This workshop is intended to benefit both those who conduct valuations and those who may be required to use them.

Workshop V. Pathway to Mining Project Success: Independent Project Analysis (IPA): Baqun Ding, Master Analyst, and Astor Luft, North America Regional Director on Thursday May 11 from Noon to 4:30 pm. Registration includes lunch and refreshment break. 

The journey from discovering a mineral deposit to turning it into a profitable operational asset is long. Along the way, many decisions are made by different groups of people. Clear understanding of the risks and use of lessons learned from others to avoid/mitigate risk should be part of the main stream of work from the beginning to the end. Over the course of IPA’s 36 years in business, we have  continuously worked with companies from different industry sectors across the world, advising on best practices for capital project planning and management. We have collected and verified the results of thousands of projects with different sizes and complexities, via face-to-face interviews with owner project teams. Using the data collected, we then conducted research studies to identify the key factors that consistently enable project success. Through individual project consulting and evaluation services, we share the learnings with current projects. These include not only industry-specific learnings, but also cross-industry, cross-regional, and special case learnings. IPA’s Pathway to Success facilitates the sharing of our projects experiences with the industry. The pathway lists all the critical factors of a mine asset development journey, and highlights what, who, and how this path should be established, so that the project outcomes, or final path destination, will meet all the business and project targets.  In this workshop, we will walk our audience through IPA’s pathway to mining project success, and elaborate on each factor to provide an understanding of the important tasks along a mine asset development venture. This workshop will include a roughly 2-hour long presentation introducing the basics of key factors that drive mine asset project success, followed by a 1-hour long case study of a project evaluation, and a Q&A session.

We hope you join us! CTMF brings leading experts and stakeholders together to address topics miners, directors, investors, policy makers, stakeholders, communities and financiers want to know about financing mining projects. Contact us about participating here info@smeny.org

Attendees and speakers are qualified experts, executives managing and or advising the industry about rapid, pivotal changes impacting projects and opportunities. Many are managers and executives of private and public mining and exploration companies and bankers, financiers, advisers and investors in mining, exploration and related infrastructure worldwide.

At CTMF 2019 there were 270 attendees, including officers from 50+ mining and exploration companies and bankers, investors, private equity, analysts, advisers, engineers, and officials from Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Quebec, USA and elsewhere. Delegates were from Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, England, Germany, Ghana, Guyana, India, Japan, Kosovo, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay. 

Above is Ross Bhappu, Partner, Head of Private Equity Funds at Resource Capital Funds presenting his key note talk about: "Where are the Public Markets for Mining? And how do we get them back?" at CTMF 2019

In recent years guest speakers at CTMF conferences included:

  • U.S. Department of the Interior, Casey Hammond, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management 
  • Ministry of Economy, Mexico, Mario Alfonso Cantú Suárez, Under Secretary of Mining
  • Mining Development Bank of Mexico, Dr. Israel Gutierrez Guerrero, Chief Executive Officer 
  • Government of Quebec, Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister Responsible for the Lanaudière Region
  • Government of Quebec, Dominique Anglade, Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation
  • Hecla Mining Company, Phillips S. Baker, Jr., President and CEO 
  • McEwen Mining, Inc., Rob McEwen, President and Chairman  
  • Resource Capital Funds, Ross Bhappu, Partner, Head of Private Equity Funds 
  •  Anglo American Plc, Anthony O'Neill, Group Director, Technical & Sustainability
  • Franco Nevada Corporation, Paul Brink, Senior Vice President 
  • Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, Simon Moores, CEO & Founder 
  • Stratalis Group, George Hemingway, Partner, Partner & Innovation Practice Lead 

Attending are many other esteemed mining industry leaders, advisors, financiers. All attending can meet with many influential, senior banking, investing, private equity, engineering and advisory company officers, as well as government officials and policy officers involved with sand and gravel, industrial, base, precious and critical minerals and bulk mineral projects worldwide. 

Quebec's delegation of mining executives and officials returned to CTMF 2019 for the fourth year - and will be returning in 2023. At CTMF 2019, Quebec's Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister Responsible for the Lanaudière Region, Pierre Fitzgibbon spoke about "What makes operating and investing in Quebec's mineral rich province attractive".

Quebec is widely known as a premiere center of mining excellence endowed with great mineral wealth and human resources - encompassing a productive work force skilled at employing and developing the latest innovative technology and method of operation.

- In 2017, the mining sector made $ 3.05 billion in investments for Québec
- The mining sector has nearly 30,000 direct and indirect jobs
- The supplier and supplier network alone accounts for 3,950 Québec companies
- Mineral production is diversified: 29 substances exploited (15 metals & 14 non-metallic minerals)
- There are 25 active mines and nearly 26 mining projects

Above are some of Quebec's delegation of officials and executives attending CTMF 2019 

You do not have to attend the conference to register to attend any workshop and or reception. Read the about the workshops and instructors' bios here. The agenda with the speakers' bios will be posted here. Throughout the event there is space to meet one-on-one with many influential banking, finance and industry executives and advisers working around the world. We encourage all interested to join us and revisit this site for updates, as times and order may change. 

Below are panelists at CTMF 2017 discussing the Successful Use of Technology and Data in Mining. The engaging round table was followed by audience Q&A. It was chaired by Francois Bouffard from Dassault Systemes with senior officers from Black Rock Metals, BQ Energy, CEMI, the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, EnviroSuite, Maptek, McGill University, and Stratilis Consulting. We hope you can join us! 

* Space is limited. The organizers monitor registrations and may need to close registration early. Registration closed early in 2018 and 2017. Also note due to capacity limitations we may require some registered delegates to be present in a second and or third board conference rooms are fully integrated with flat screens and live video and audio feeds to the main conference and or other board conference rooms where live presentations are being made. Thus, some registered conference attendees may be in other board rooms to watch and hear via live audio/video feed. More rooms and space adjacent to the main and other conference rooms are also places to relax, network, meet one on one, and or for quiet phone conversations, or work. We ask attendees to consider and be respectful of use of these rooms, in particular the smaller one on one meeting rooms for all to be able to use as needed.

NY SME is organizer of the annual CTMF conferences. It is a section of Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, an association of 14,000+ geo-scientists and mining, mineral professionals in 100+ countries. SME members include mining executives, engineers, geologists, metallurgists, educators, students and researchers. SME advances the worldwide mining and underground construction community through information exchange and professional development. SME is a member society of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers. The New York Section of SME encompasses the Tri-State area. Its members are given the opportunity to network with peers and hear valuable presentations through its activities. NY SME dates back to 1871 when a handful of mining engineers in New York City founded the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (AIME).

We invite you to join SME and visit the SME's Bookstore Catalog with a selection of economic and business texts about mining.