About the SME Colorado Section:

The Colorado Section is a legally constituted unit of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME), encompassing a specific geographical area. Our members are given the opportunity to network with their peers and hear valuable presentations through our activities.

Colorado Section Officers hold elected positions for a term of 1 year, from June through May. Elections for all board members are typically held in May. 

Colorado Section Officers: 

Heather Lammers Chair 2020 - 2021
Melissa Chalona Vice Chair 2020 - 2021
Amanda Davis Secretary 2020 - 2021
Phil Martin Treasurer 2020 - 2021
Kelly Donahue Publicity Director 2020 - 2021
James des Cognets Programs 2020 - 2021
Alex Holtzapple Golf Tournament Chair 2020 - 2021
Jon Pianetti Director at Large 2020 - 2021
Eric Poeck Director at Large 2020 - 2021
Dennis Rugg Director at Large
Pro Tem
Richard Schwering Past Chair 2020 - 2021

Chair Contact Information: Heather Lammers - Heather_Lammers@golder.com
Membership Contact Information: Phil Martin - pmartin@rcflp.com

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