Donate to Colorado SME Section

We rely on donations and membership dues to fund our program. Interested in donation?

Use the donate button below, or visit our donation page to make a contribution. Our Section’s focus is on advocating for our profession and industry here in our region. Some of the things that your Colorado Section dues help us to provide:

  • scholarships for college students majoring in mining disciplines;
  • support for the Colorado State Science & Engineering Fair;
  • provide teaching materials and perform outreach to Colorado science teachers through their State association;
  • sponsorship for K-12 teachers participating in the All About Mining – A Total Concept of the Mining Industry course;
  • and, support the Colorado Mining Museum and the National Mining Hall of Fame.

By supporting the SME Colorado Section, you are directly supporting and advocating for your profession!

Plus, eligible taxpayers who make qualifying charitable contributions can claim the charitable contribution subtraction by entering the appropriate amount on the applicable line (“Qualifying Charitable Contribution”) of their Colorado income tax return.