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Mining in Society Merit Badge - Give us a Hand! January 7, 2017


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Subject: Mining in Society Merit Badge - Give us a Hand!


We'll facilitate the Mining in Society merit badge again this year at Kings College in Wilkes-Barre on January 7, 2017, from 9 am to 1 pm.

We teach more and more boys every year, so help us keep the expansion going by bringing some hands-on stuff for the Scouts to handle and discuss!!

Some examples and ideas:
--Chad is bringing the drone! This year we'll fly it and make a contour map of the Scouts standing together.
--Let's bring in some mine drainage water and treat it right there in the classroom. Who can help with that? See the pH change.
--I'd love it if we could bring a piece of equipment in to the campus. A 777 would be nice. But seriously, a small loader or a small drill or somesuch on a trailer.
--A jackleg drill would be awesome. Even better if we can run it. Even better than that it you've got a boulder with you that we can drill into.
--If someone has contacts with a blasting contractor, can we bring in some dummy boosters and cord and whatnot?
--Pumps? Darned right. If we can demonstrate them operating somehow, even better. If we've got a cut-away pump to view, that'd be great also.
--Historical lamps and so forth? Sure.
--Interesting rocks? You bet.

Let me know what you can bring to the party.

And yes, slideshow presentations are ok also.

Thanks for your consideration! Let me know!

Brian Traweek, P.E.
Secretary/Treasurer SME Penn Anthracite Section
(570) 903-3237