IRE Student Chapter

The Minnesota State University Mankato - Iron Range Engineering's SME Student Chapter 2012-2013 school year was the first year  of our chapter and was a huge success. After establishing an interest and writing bylaws, meetings were conducted twice a month for the remainder of the fall semester (November and December) and resumed again spring semester.

Due to its unique and innovative curriculum, Iron Range Engineering (IRE) has a very close and symbiotic relationship with its industry partners. Located on the Mesabi Iron Range, mining plays an integral role in the community at large as well as at IRE. The local mining companies provide IRE with funding, design projects, industry mentors, summer internships and co-ops, prospective long-term employment for students, as well as opportunities to tour facilities and presentations from industry experts. Since mining is such a large part of the community and the IRE program, forming a student chapter of SME was an easy decision.

Chapter Officers:

Mike Lynch President 2015
Ashleigh J. Mitchell President 2015
Angelo T. Medina Vice President 2015
Renee Kafka Secretary 2015