Miners Give Back

  Miners Give Back
Community Outreach Program
                         The 2014 Miners Give Back grants are
made possible by a generous donation from: 

The SME Foundation (SMEF) is committed to supporting world-wide initiatives focused on humanitarian efforts through our Miners Give Back Program. The goal of this Program is to tangibly contribute to improving the lives of individuals in local mining communities. The Miners Give Back Program will not consider proposals for scholarship support, professional development or minerals education/minerals awareness. The intent here is to serve a specified segment of a community in a mining district, either current or past operations.

The SMEF seeks to realize this outcome:
  • under the sponsorship of an established mining or mining-related company,
  • through the formation of partnerships with local/regional organizations, and
  • under the sponsorship of local SME Sections or individuals who will initiate and implement well-defined projects and the results will provide a definitive benefit to the local community.

For approved projects, the SMEF is prepared to invest matching funds to help achieve the stated goals.

Projects eligible for consideration must meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide tangible benefits to local residents and communities where mining is, or has been, a major or an integral part of the community;
  2. Consideration will be given to the sustainability of the project; i.e. projects that offer long-lasting benefits are preferred over projects that would only benefit the community for a short period of time;
  3. Project proposals need to clearly define the need, the benefits to be derived during or upon completion of the project and the approximate number of community members served;
  4. The time-line  for the project completion must be specified as well as plans for continuing operation/maintenance (where applicable).  Specific areas to be addressed in the proposal are outlined on the attached application;
  5. Include the involvement and endorsement of local residents and/or administrative or government representatives;
  6. Involve a mining or mining-related company’s employees in partnership with the local community;
  7. Have matching funds that equally contribute to the total project budget. Matching fund sources may be supported from companies,individuals, private foundations and fundraising events. All projects will be given equal preference in the selection process, irrespective of the total budget of the project;
  8. Agree to comply with all reporting requirements; including a detailed project schedule, reporting plan and project summary schedule prior to project execution. The reimbursement schedule for the SMEF share of the project will be coupled to definitive project milestones. 

Categories of projects eligible for the grant include, but are not limited to: community health, welfare, and/or public safety; environmental stewardship; local career development and education; at-risk youth; adult literacy; safe and affordable housing; other.

Proposals may include a request of up to $10,000 as detailed in the project proposal and accompanying budget; the actual amount will be determined by the scope and depth of the activities proposed;

In addition to the above eligibility criteria, the following general criteria apply to the Miners Give Back Community Outreach Program:

  • Any SME member is eligible to submit a nomination for a project to be considered;
  • Each proposed project must have an established mining-related company serve as its sponsor. Sponsorship includes donations of money as well as in kind contributions (materials, services, employees’ time);
  • Projects may be located in any country where the sponsor company is in operation;
  • To qualify as a humanitarian project, the activities must target improving the lives and lifestyles of the host community. Projects may focus on activities related to mining-related health issues, water systems, education, youth mentoring, or similar types of matters of concern to the local community;
  • Applications will be reviewed by a panel of SME volunteer reviewers with experience in mining, community involvement, multicultural concerns, research methodologies and practical outcomes according to scoring criteria as detailed in the application;
  • Allowable expenses for the budget include supplies, reasonable cost of equipment directly related to the project, stipends for local residents’ participation, limited travel expenses and limited consultant fees;
  • It is expected that quantifiable as well as qualitative data will be collected and reported;
  • Project leaders will be required to submit their outcomes and expenditure final reports to SME within three months of the completion of their activities, and as noted above, full contribution of the SMEF share is contingent on successful completion of the project.


Submission deadline: All applications must be received as complete by SME Foundation by September 30, 2014.

Submission Procedure:

If applying on paper, send applications to:
SME Foundation
Miners Give Back Application
12999 E. Adam Aircraft Circle
Englewood, CO 80112

 Download the application here.

If applying via email, send application as an attachment to:

If additional information is requested, contact AnnMarie Kochevar at:
kochevar@smenet.org or 303-948-4239 or 800-763-3132.