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As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, the Mission of theSME Foundation is to be the source of funding for education and outreach of SME and the community it serves.


Corporate Donor of the Month:

 Thank you to our most recent donors:

Thiele Kaolin Company  $1,000 to SMEF General Fund

The Ross R. & Candy L. Bhappu Family Foundation $5,000 MEC

John Murphy $200 to MMSA/SMEF Presidential Scholarship

Robert Freas $500 to SMEF General Fund


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  • Posted in: SME Foundation

    Always a sure s i gn that summer is coming to an end – Back to School. Here at the SME Foundation it means that Scholarship season is right around the corner. We have been updating scholarship guidelines, speaking with donors and working...

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  • Posted in: SME Foundation

    I just returned from taking my middle daughter to San Antonio, TX. She will be studying at the University of Texas to obtain her Master's Degree as a Physician Assistant. The drive to San Antonio took 17 hours and we made the trip in one day. What...

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