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Mining and Sustainable Development: Current Issues

Author: Lodhia, Sumit K. (ed) Description: A number of authors in the area of sustainability set forth several possible new sustainability solutions for mining operations which include due diligence mechanisms in the form of social, environmental and human rights impact assessments. These...

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The life of a mining project: effective diagnosis of a social license to operate

Author: Ventura, Jordi G. Description: The author provides a summary of traditional sustainability concepts (social sustainability, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility), summarizes the new sustainability concepts promoted by the authors in Mining and Sustainable...

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ESG Standards Convergence Could Happen in Next 12 to 24 Months, Accounting Body Chief Says

Author: Norton, Leslie B. Description: The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Members (SASB) are reporting that companies are being pushed to report on how they are working to achieve the UN Sustainable Development goals that were established in 2015 to provide a common set of...

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Sustainable development in the mining industry: clarifying the corporate perspective

Author: Hilson, G.; Murck, B. Description: This article recommends that to operate more sustainably, mining companies should have improved planning and should implement sound environmental management tools to improve performance, both environmentally and socioeconomically. Link: Sustainable...

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Corporate social responsibility and the mining industry: conflicts and constructs

Author: Jenkins, Heledd. Description: Based on case studies, and company language developed in response, the article asserts that companies need a better understanding of local community complexity to better tailor their approaches to these communities. Link: Corporate social responsibility...