Welcome to the SME Mentoring Program!

We are glad you are here and excited for you to join us each year as you find the connections within SME membership to enrich your career. Whether you are looking for career advice, hoping to share your past experiences with someone, or just looking to meet someone within the industry and discuss topics, this program is designed to connect you with the people driving the industry.

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The 2024 Mentoring Program enrollment open again sometime in Q4 2024. If you are a current participant, make sure you are active throughout the program by regularly meeting with your connections, discussing topics in the community group, and joining regular virtual mixers.

What to expect:

  • Mandatory Orientation – attend live in January or view on demand by February 13
  • Mentors/Mentees will receive instruction on arranging mentor-mentee meetings, to be held virtually or in-person, as best suited for each pairing.
  • Mid-program virtual check-in (and/or survey)
  • Supported facilitation each month
  • Program-end virtual evaluation (and/or survey)

Tutorial: How to Enroll

Tutorial: Search & Connect