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Jobs of Tomorrow

Mining has come a long way since the days of shovels and pickaxes. Now companies are innovating and experimenting with drones underground and automated vehicles to haul goods to the surface.

In the SME series Jobs of Tomorrow, you’ll get a glimpse of all facets of modern mining and see how these important jobs contribute to society.

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    Author: Andrew Swart Description: Ten [ESG] trends that will shape the industry. The article provides thoughtful discussion of risks and opportunities in redefining mining company practices in the new environment. Link: Redefining ...

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    Hello Mentor Match participants, As we wrap up the first year of the revamped SME Mentor Match, we wanted to highlight key points from the program. First Meeting Your first meeting as a Mentor Match gave you the experience of creating an agenda ...

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    Author: Douglas Johnson-Poensgen Description: Decarbonizing mineral extraction and processing is key to building a sustainable future, because shifting to a low-carbon, electrified, battery powered economy requires enormously energy intensive ...

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    Author: Dr Niels Leemput Description: Four main strategies that mines can implement in order to set and attain achievable carbon goals. Link: Reaching Sustainability Goals Publisher: Global Mining Review #ESG #EnvironmentalStewardship ...

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