What is the SME ESG Toolkit?

What is the SME ESG Toolkit?

The SME ESG Toolkit is a curated list of informational resources in the areas of Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility and Governance. 
The resources in the Toolkit are meant to support members of the mining industry in aligning their activities with the evolving priorities of their communities and stakeholders, thus demonstrating a responsible and open approach to operational, social and environmental performance. Socially conscious investors screen their investments using these factors, making it a very valuable effort for companies to learn as much as possible about them.  

Below is the list of references in the ESG Toolkit. To go to the E, S or G subgroup of references, click that section on this image, or the corresponding underlined word(s).

ESG-Graphic ESG-Graphic ESG-Graphic

Environmental Stewardship

Social Responsibility



community relations

business ethics

clean technologies

health and safety

corporate accountability

green energy

shareholder rights

human rights

water use

social license to operate

board composition