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ESG - a must-have for miners?

  • 1.  ESG - a must-have for miners?

    Posted 02-17-2021 05:33 PM
    Author:  Ventura, Jordi G.  

    Description:  Gaining an SLO and achieving ESG both require immediate direct and local intervention, ideally before sending in an exploration team or deciding to develop a project. Understanding what social risks and challenges the company faces and what issues matter to the community are vital to the success of a mining project. The best way to accomplish this immediate direct and local interaction is by conducting grassroots mining legal diagnoses and SLO diagnoses. Mining legal diagnoses seek to identify legal risks faced by a company's endeavors. An SLO diagnosis is a tool that will provide a basis for "doing the right thing" for all stakeholders impacted by a project.

    Link: miners

    Publisher:  BNAmericas, Q&A (September 2020)

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