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  • 1.  Sunday tour and meeting

    Posted 01-19-2022 11:21 PM
    Hi all,
    This Sunday's tour/meeting is still on!
    Gates will open at 11:30am.
    Further details are below.
    Leo has requested that we gather inside the main office when you show up.
    I don't know the Covid protocols, but bring a mask as I expect they may be required in the confined spaces.

    RSVP so far:
    • Leo Weiman - Host
    • Mike Jaeger - Co-Host
    • Chris Johnson - Party Planner
    • William Warfield - Fearless Leader
    • Peter Wei-I Chou
    • Michael Cox
    • David Crouthamel
    • George Eltringham
    • Jane Horvath
    • Borden Putnam
    • Thomas Walsh
    • Kevin Ashley
    • John Killey
    13 RSVP
    Assuming some partners will attend and a few that haven't RSVP, I expect around 25 attendees.


    Leo Weiman-Benitez has kindly offered to host a field trip.
    Leo Weiman-Benitez - Project Engineer - Barnard Construction | LinkedIn 

    Leo is a Project Engineer for Barnard Construction, at the SVCW Gravity Pipeline Project.

    We also plan to have a Section meeting immediately after the tour, at the same location.

    Tour from 12 to 1pm.  (arrive a bit early to gear up, bathroom break, etc.)
    Lunch and Section meeting from 1pm to 2pm (give or take)

    Please RSVP.
    And anticipate on maybe kicking in $10 each for lunch.  (TBC)

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    Please bring what you have.  Leo said they have some visitor equipment, but bringing your own will help.
    - Water proof boots/muckers
    - Hard Hat
    - Glasses

    Adults Only tour - sorry no kids.  It is an active construction site.

    Feel free to reach out to me or Leo if you have questions 

    Christopher Johnson
    Redwood City CA United States