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  • 1.  Section Future

    Posted 05-16-2022 12:51 AM
    i hope that many of you showed up today for the tour at the New Almaden Mines.  Unfortunately, I was at the University of Nevada - Reno teaching a class as part of the ERMI Academy.  In discussion with Chris Johnson, who is our Program Chair, we need to look at where our Section is going and what we want to do.  Just arranging field trips, which Chris has been doing a great job at, is not sustainable.  If that is all we want to do, then I cannot see a reason to continue. 

    We awarded a scholarship last year to a deserving student at Mackay School of Mines.  We have sent out solicitations to different mining schools for this year's scholarship and are starting to get applications.  That is one thing that our Section can do.

    One suggestion of things that we can do is mentor students.  A suggestion has been made that because of the world of Zoom, we can reach out to students at different universities.  Our Section has many members with very diverse backgrounds.  Out members have worked in all aspects of the mining, metallurgical, environmental and water management segments of the economy, to name just a few things.  Can you imagine what information you have for students who are trying to decide what they want to concentrate on while in school or help them select the correct career path?  We can do this. If you want to get involved, we ask that you put together a few paragraphs detailing your experience.  If we get enough of them, we can create a speakers list that students can select professionals from that they want to learn from.  We can create a Zoom meeting where we can meet with the students and interact.  By doing this we can help many student chapters that we could other wise not be able to talk to.

    As a Section, the Northern California Section needs a purpose as well as more involvement from the members.  We need to look at moving on with a new Section Chair.  I have been the Section Chair for too many years, which is contrary to our by-laws.  We need someone to work with Chris Johnson as Program Chair.  We have other needs for officers as well.  I am asking you to get involved if you want this Section to continue.  We are beyond the time where you can hope that someone else will do it, you need to do it. 

    This is a great Section with a long and prestigious history.  We want it to live and prosper.  Get involved.   Let us know what you think about our mentoring suggestion and if you are willing to get involved.  As a point of fact, we have approached several Student Sections and they think that it is good idea.  They are always looking for ways to interact with professionals who have already been there and done that.  

    Bill Warfield - N, Calif. SME Section  Chair

    William Warfield
    Roseville CA United States

  • 2.  RE: Section Future

    Posted 05-19-2022 04:50 PM
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    Hi Mr. Warfield,

    You do not know me. I am Vice President of the New Almaden Quicksilver County Park Association. I had a great time sharing some mine photos and history with Mr. Chris Johnson and Dr. Ke-Kang Wu, the only members that showed up. I think other members would have had a great time too, but clearly most people had other priorities or simply perceived that the tour was not something worth prioritizing over other activities. Attached is the presentation with speaker notes, but of course I deviated from the notes, so what is lost are the good questions and collegial banter.

    I like your suggestion. Educating our progeny and setting them up for success is all that we can do to carry well being into the future. 


    Michael F. Cox
    Soquel, CA

    Michael Cox
    Soquel CA United States