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Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

  • 1.  Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-06-2021 11:58 AM
    Hi Everyone,
    I have spoken to the folk at the Kennedy tourist mine, about arranging a tour for mining professionals.
    The guy I spoke to, Doug, was keen to host a tour for real mining folk.
    Doug is semi-retired and a graduate of Mackay.

    He said they typically run tours on weekends.
    The public tours wrap up towards the end of October, but he said he could do us through to mid-November.

    This email is to garner an expression of interest of those who would be interested in making the tour, such that we can commit (or not) and give a headcount.
    The mine is roughly a 2hr drive from the Bay Area.

    I am thinking, either:
    - Sunday the 7th of November (before our virtual meeting)
    - Sunday the 14th of November (after our virtual meeting)

    Weekends of October 24th and 31st are also options, but I cannot attend those days (Cub-Scout commitments)

    Please let me and Bill know your interest and date/s you could attend.

    Chris & Bill

    Kennedy Gold Mine - Historic Gold Mine Surface Tours - Home Page
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    Kennedy Gold Mine - Historic Gold Mine Surface Tours - Home Page
    The Kennedy Mine, famous for being one of the deepest gold mines in the world (at 5912 feet), demonstrates how gold changed an entire way of life in California. Although gold was known to be present and was mined by the Spanish and Mexicans, the California Gold Rush did not begin until after James Marshall's discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in 1848.
    View this on Kennedygoldmine >

    Christopher Johnson
    Redwood City CA United States

  • 2.  RE: Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-07-2021 08:37 AM

    Good Morning,


    I would probably attend a visit on November 14.


    Thank you for looking into this.




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  • 3.  RE: Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-08-2021 02:15 PM
    I am interested either date.
    Please establish Covid protocols: masking, vaccination etc. as this is a serious issue. 

  • 4.  RE: Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-09-2021 12:44 PM

    I'm interested; any of the dates are okay with me.


    Wm. J. (Joe) Schlitt

  • 5.  RE: Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-10-2021 08:33 PM
    The Kennedy is 152 acres of open space, distancing is easy even during tours of the area and facilities. Masks indoors are optional as we generally spread out a bit. We can get into more detail as needed.

    The Mine will be closed to the general public and we can expect to have the property to ourselves.


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  • 6.  RE: Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-10-2021 08:57 PM
    Thanks for the response. 
    I was recently at a party, held outdoors, where the hosts required everybody to be fully vaccinated. We didn't use masks very much on that occasion because we were drinking like every five seconds.
    So we could mandate vaccinations too. Not an out of the ordinary situation.

    Stop the male bovine excrement and get the jab. 
    Gavin for the Nobel Prize in Medicine. 

  • 7.  RE: Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-07-2021 10:05 AM
    This tour sounds really cool.

    I am interested any weekend from Oct 24th thru Nov 14th.

    Would I be able to bring my family along? 6 month old baby, 2 year old, 3 year old, wife & brother in law? and possibly 2 additional friends?

    I glanced at the website and saw that "kids" were welcome, but not sure if babies or toddlers are allowed in the mine.

    I am an PM on a TBM tunnel project here in Redwood City, CA (I see Redwood City on your post)

    Leo Weiman
    Redwood City CA United States

  • 8.  RE: Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-07-2021 11:57 AM
    I would like to attend.

  • 9.  RE: Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-13-2021 11:58 AM
    I would be interested in possibly attending Nov 7th.   I would be traveling over from Elko, Nevada.

    Jami Dwyer PE
    Elko NV United States

  • 10.  RE: Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-15-2021 05:29 PM
    Hi all,
    Pencil in the Sunday afternoon of November 7th for the Kennedy Tourist Mine tour.
    We have chosen the 7th, such that if the weather turns foul, we can reschedule for the 14th.
    My apologies for those that can not make the 7th.  It was a pretty even count between the 7th and 14th.

    Let us plan on starting the tour at 1:30 pm, thus please arrive a little early to stretch the legs, use the bathroom, etc.
    The tour takes 2 to 3hrs, depending upon how many questions there are.
    12594 Kennedy Flat Rd, Jackson, CA 95642-9511
    Depending upon where you live in the Bay Area, figure about 2.5hrs to drive there on a Sunday morning.  Please map your own directions and time.

    Doug, our gracious tour guide, encourages bringing your kids.  He said it is a very family-friendly tour.
    I hope to bring my 8yo son.  All he knows about mining is that I would fly on trips all over the place.

    Doug recommends Brickhouse Brews for lunch.
    For those that wish to grab a local lunch beforehand, please allow sufficient time.
    140 Main St, Jackson, CA 95642-2343

    Giving we are mining folk, Doug is hosting the tour for free.
    He has expressed the desire to strengthen the relationship between the museum and some mining folk, so let us try to help him out.

    In the context of Covid, the site recommends wearing masks during portions of the tour that are indoors if it gets crowded.
    Please be prepared and use your best judgment.
    Much of the tour will be outdoors.  Check the weather and dress accordingly.

    It will be great to meet some folk in person, finally!

    Please reach out to Bill or me if you have further questions.
    We will confirm the date, pending weather, a few days before the tour.

    Chris Johnson

    Christopher Johnson
    Redwood City CA United States

  • 11.  RE: Kennedy Mine Tour - early November

    Posted 10-18-2021 12:48 PM
    To be clear, the tour is NOT canceled.

    The first "Event" invitation incorrectly linked to the Kennedy Mine website.

    To correct, such that the link goes to OUR Event details, required me to delete the first Invitation.

    The Tour is still on!
    The new invitation has a link to Event details.

    Sorry for any confusion.

    Christopher Johnson
    Redwood City CA United States