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  • 1.  Legacy Items

    Posted 21 days ago
    Bill W and Andrew S. and All,

    I am sorting through old files:

    I have several legacy Items and I'm trying to find a home for these amongst our members.
    1  Slide Projector in case - I'm still trying to open the little lock on the case so we can look at the projector - next post will include picture of projector.
    2  Gavel - next post will include picture.
    3  Cash Box
    4  Old meeting announcements and correspondence - for nostalgia sake, I will scan and include in the next post.

    I also have paperwork including Bank account items, please let me know if any of these accounts are still active and who should have the check books, Glendale Fed Stamp, etc.  If accounts are inactive I will arrange for shredding and disposal.

    The most recent Old statements that I have are from 1996.  Is that suitable for shredding?

    Still sorting through stuff, will update the group with another post prior to next meeting.

    Cheers everybody,

    Bill Baker
    (408) 674 2031 cell

    William Baker
    Project Manager
    Mott MacDonald
    San Jose CA United States