The Great Debate

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    Posted 12-18-2019 01:05 PM

    In January, Mining Engineering will launch a new, limited-run series called The Great Debate. In the coming months a sector leader will make his or her case for why that sector is the most important to the mining industry, or maybe they will tell us why other sectors aren't really as important as they might think. This verbal joust will all culminate in September, ahead of MINExpo in Las Vegas, NV with what is sure to be a rousing live debate.

    The Great Debate is the brainchild of Doug Silver so it's sure to be entertaining and informative. Many long time readers will recall that Doug wrote columns for Mining Engineering, stirring up a bit of controversy along the way. He has given two keynote speeches at SME Annual Conferences in addition to his many other professional accomplishments. While this section is sure to be a fun debate with good-natured jabs at one-another there is a more important reason for it - to help raise funds for the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum (NMHF&M) in Leadville, CO.

    Often called the Smithsonian of the Rockies, the NMHF&M is a monument to the mining industry that houses more than 25,000 sq ft of interactive and informative exhibits. It is our history and The Great Debate strives to preserve that history for future generations. You can read the details of The Great Debate on page 18 and I encourage you to get involved with your donations. Not only is it a great cause, but it's a chance to let the other guys know once and for all that the mining industry, and society as result, could not possibly function without the work that your section does.

    Bill Gleason
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