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Diversity as a business strategy

  • 1.  Diversity as a business strategy

    Posted 12-19-2018 01:58 PM

    Diversity in the mining industry has been getting a lot of attention, but research to demonstrate its effect on important business outcomes--e.g., health and safety--has not yet been conducted.  The  University of Arizona (UA) is conducting a study to explore the positive business outcomes associated with diversity as a business strategy in the mining industry.

    As a first step, UA is conducting a climate survey to measure the current perception of the industry about the effectiveness of diversity policies in the U.S. mining industry, in terms of improving work environment, attraction and retention. This survey will provide a baseline for the industry and will be an important benchmark for ongoing and future research initiatives. 

    If you have 10-minutes, please consider providing your input on diversity in the mining industry by taking the survey: 

    Susan Moore
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    Susan Moore
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