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2021 Call for Section Officer Nominations

  • 1.  2021 Call for Section Officer Nominations

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    Election of Section Officers will be at the May 13 social meeting.


    Nominations are sought prior to the meeting, in order that candidates can be listed in the meeting announcements and ballots can be prepared.  Self-nominations are accepted as well as nominations of and by colleagues.  Please consider either route.  Discuss this with your co-workers and colleagues.  Please submit name, email, and position for which you/they are running and send via email to any local SME officer by April 30.

    The procedural qualification for being an officer is to be an SME Member or Associate Member, in good standing with SME.  Please step up and participate, either by self-nomination or placing a colleague in nomination. 

    The current positions are held by:




    Email Address


    Elise Brachtl

    Vice Chair

    Steven Boyce


    Marie Hetherington


    Ralph Sacrison


    The May 13 meeting will be a social meeting, with hosted food and drink.  When the venue has been selected, the location and fare will be announced, along with the list of officer candidates.


    Below is excerpted from the Section Bylaws:


    ARTICLE VII –          Duties of Officers

    Section 1.  The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Section and of the Executive Committee.  He/she shall appoint all committees and perform all other duties that pertain to the direction of the Section.

    Section 2.  The Vice Chair shall be responsible for the arrangement of programs, entertainment, and incidental details, relating to the meetings.  In the absence of the Chair, he/she shall serve as Chair.  He/ she shall also be responsible for membership activities.

    Section 3.  The Secretary shall record the proceedings of the meetings of the Section and the Executive Committee, attend to all correspondence, and issue all calls or announcements of meetings.

    Section 4.  The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies received by the Section, with the approval of the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer shall submit the records for an annual audit by a committee to be named by the Chair.

    Section 5.  Up to two additional members may be appointed, to perform duties at the discretion of the committee.

    Ralph Sacrison PE
    Mining Engineer
    Sacrison Engineering
    Elko NV United States
    (775) 397-2683