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resumption of meetings - poll

  • 1.  resumption of meetings - poll

    Posted 08-05-2021 01:26 PM
    Hello Everyone,
    It has been quite some time since the Section has held a meeting and I believe it may be time to resume having in person meetings. 
    The opportunity to hold meetings sounded great just a few weeks ago; but now with the next wave of the china virus scare getting in full swing, the ability to hold in person meetings may be put on hold again.  With the school year starting up shortly, this will be an good indicator as to the feasibility of having in person meetings.  I say this because the Section conducted most of the meetings on the Texas A&M - Kingsville campus as this would provide students an easy way to attend and hopefully get them to join SME.  

    That being said, I am requesting input from Section members as to resumption of meetings.  Please take a couple of minutes and respond to the following questions so that we can get an idea as to the meeting question:
    1.  Should in person meetings resume?
    2.  If yes, when should they resume?
    3.  If yes, where should meetings be held (i.e., city, venue..)?
    4.  If no, should we hold virtual meetings?
    5.  What frequency should meetings be held (e.g., start with quarterly and consider monthly depending on attendance/interest)?

    Thanks for your input and hope to hear from you soon.

    Peter Luthiger
    Chair - STMS

    Peter Luthiger
    Director, Texas Operations
    Mestena Uranium LLC
    Encino TX United States