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  • 1.  The time is NOW

    Posted 09-02-2020 11:08 AM
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    The Great Debate has been going on since March of this year.  It is now the time for all good miners to come to the aid of the reputation of their profession.  For one short week we were in first place.  Then the geologist shot up, then the women in mining made a stab at eclipsing us.  But the horrible news is that the metallurgists are beating all of us!  Metallurgists for goodness sake!!!

    So I appeal to all of the Nevada miners and geologists alike.  This is the final battle.  This is the time for all of us to make a donation, SHARE THIS LINK WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS, and show the mental-lurgists who really is the important profession in our industry!  Whether you find it or mine it, it sure as heck is more important than grinding it!

    The Great Debate 

    Tim Arnold
    2016 SME President


    Great Debate 1.pdf   745 KB 1 version