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  • 1.  Where are we heading?

    Posted 30 days ago
    This last few year has been interesting.  The Northern California SME Section had a very successful outing at the Kennedy Mine in Jackson with over 30 members attending.  Amazing when you think that this location is a 3 hour drive from the Bay Area.   We had a tour of a tunnel project in Burlingame where there were 8 attendees.  Chris Johnson, our Program Chair, had our final field trip at the New Almaden Mines.  That should have drawn a number of members from the South Bay but Chris had a very nice tour with the guide as no one else showed up.   That brings us to the question of what do the members of the Section want?  We feel that one field trip is good but no one wants to have more.  Is that correct?

    The Section awarded a scholarship to a deserving student at Mackay School of Mines at UNR.  Our investment dollars helping support future engineers.

    We have not had a sit down, dinner meeting in over a year.  Logistically, it is hard to find a suitable location central to the membership.  The Fairfield/Vacaville area is about the midpoint between San Francisco and Sacramento.  If we could find a place to meet and brought in an interesting speaker would you attend?
    Looking a possible venues, how far would you drive?  What day of the week is best? 

    We are looking to revitalize the Section.  We need people who are willing to help.  Chris has done a great job organizing activities but he needs help.   We will need a new Section Chair as well.  When I have sent out these requests in the past the response has been less than overwhelming.  Please respond back as to what you want this Section to look like in the future and your willingness to make it happen. 

    Bill Warfield
    Northern Calif SME Section Chair

    William Warfield
    Roseville CA United States

  • 2.  RE: Where are we heading?

    Posted 29 days ago

    Location: North Highlands, near Bills Abode.
    Attendance: I get to every meeting I can. Bar periodic "other circumstances".
    Help running: in the past, I've been VC for years but my time / strength puts that behind me. I'll support efforts when I can. 

    previously I've sent a list of potential field trips out. Copied below as a reminder:

    SME Field Trips

    16:1 mine, wanted money several years ago. Worth checking on again.

    Teichert gold gravity plant Bradshaw Rd area

    Marysville dredge, sunk? Owned now by Teichert?

    State Park mine East Bay, coal?

    Waste water tunnel East Bay

    Grass Valley mine, check with Ross.

    High Speed Rail project

    Gladding McBean, Lincoln.

    Teichert limestone quarry Auburn/Cool, Hwy 49

    John Killey
    Sacramento CA United States

  • 3.  RE: Where are we heading?

    Posted 27 days ago
    Thank you John for your response , you have always been an active participant in both the former Sierra Nevada Section and now the Northern Calif. Section.  You have served the Section well and now it is time for others to do their part.  The list of proposed field trips shows that there is a lot of potential.  All of our trips have been the result of a member who either works at a site or knows the right people to make the arrangements.  Chris is a great Program Chair but he is limited in his access to the sites you have recommended.  He can put together the announcements but someone else has to do the organizing. 
    The local Sections are a great place for  Young Leaders to get involved in the grass roots of SME.  When I have asked past classes of YL, no one stepped forth.  Maybe if there is a newer group of YL, one of them who lives in Northern California wants to get involved   Either way, we need some younger members to get involved. It is time for us old dogs to step aside.  Those are the words of Past SME President John Mansanti and spot on.

    Bill Warfield

    William Warfield
    Roseville CA United States