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SME Tucson Section August Meeting: Geophysics and Hydrogeology

  • 1.  SME Tucson Section August Meeting: Geophysics and Hydrogeology

    Posted 08-10-2022 11:51 AM
    Please join the SME Tucson Section for our August meeting, featuring Shawn Calendine of hydroGEOPHYSICS who will talk about geophysics and hydrogeology at mine sites. 

    Use the link below to register to attend in-person or virtually.

    6:00pm - 7:00pm Social Hour
    7:00pm - 7:45pm   Dinner
    7:45pm - 8:00pm Announcements (START OF VIRTUAL MEETING)
    8:00pm - 8:30pm Program
    8:30pm - 8:45pm Q&A

    Geophysical methods can be applied to all stages of the mine lifecycle in new and innovative ways, including improving safety, aiding production, and managing environmental challenges. Most contemporary subsurface investigative techniques rely on invasive and extensive drilling programs. Drilling and assaying simply provide point-source information, which needs to be extrapolated over a broad area to estimate subsurface conditions. On the other hand, geophysical methods offer a robust alternative by providing a visual volumetric summary for improved subsurface targeting options. Geophysical technologies can enhance exploration, preconstruction investigations, locate problematic subsurface targets, and provide information for improving recovery. We also apply geophysical investigations for environmental characterization for seepage, acid rock drainage, and plume delineation. Geophysical surveys offer high-resolution spatially-continuous studies or can present a temporal component when performing the same survey multiple times, focusing on changing subsurface conditions. For this presentation, we will discuss geophysics in mining.

    Speaker: Shawn Calendine
    Shawn Calendine is the Marketing Manager and a geoscientist at hydroGEOPHYSICS, a leader in geophysical consulting and geosciences servicing the environmental, groundwater, mining, and natural-resource exploration industries. Shawn creates long-term value for hydroGEOPHYSICS by bringing robust professional quality to the company's marketing environment and developing strong relationships with clients, building trust through integrity, flexibility, a deep understanding of client needs, and decades of experience.

    Chris Peters
    SME Tucson Section Chair