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Email from Mining History Association: John Livermore Award

  • 1.  Email from Mining History Association: John Livermore Award

    Posted 05-19-2024 12:17 AM
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    SME Utah Section
    I am a  longtime member of the Mining History Association, a past MHA president, and Chair of the John Livermore Award Committee. I am reaching out to the Utah Section of the SME to help us find a possible recipient for the Mining History Association's John Livermore Award. 
    MHA is having its annual conference in Park City, Utah, June 5-10, 2024. The Livermore award was established 4 years ago to recognize John Livermore's philanthrope, service in preserving mining history, and environmental stewardship around mining sites, funding students in higher education in mining and geology, as well as, working toward bringing the mining and environmental communities closer together. Your organization has many similar goals.

    It would be great if MHA's John Livermore Award could be given this year to an individual, association, or company in Utah. Unfortunately, requests for Utah candidates posted in the MHA newspaper have received no candidate suggestions and only two have come from other sources.
    This award has only been offered once so far. Could membership offer some suggestions as to a possible worthy candidate(s) for the John Livermore Award? Can you provide contact information for other persons you feel might also be helpful in finding a Utah candidate?

    The criteria for service involved is attached.

    Let me know if there is a good time to call and discuss or email me.

    Peter Maciulaitis

    Mining History Association

    Home number 303-444-9828

    CPG, RM- SME, Fellow - SME, Fellow-SEG


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