Northern California SME Section

  • 1.  Section Meeting

    Posted 20 days ago
    We have 14 members who have filled out the attached questionnaire regarding a fall meeting.  I encourage you to answer the few questions and get this back to SME.  I have arranged for Bob Schafer, 2020-2021 SME President to be our guest speaker.  He will give us a report on what is happening at SME through all of this but he will also provide a presentation on mining projects and mining issues.  Bob is a great presenter and I am looking forward to his presentation.

    Unfortunately, we have lost the address list of those who have been members of this Section but are no longer SME members so they do not get the information about meetings.  For those of you who have a circle of friends that you used to work with, please forward this message on to them.  I am thinking of the Bechtel group primarily but there others.

    Hello SME members,
    Due to COVID restrictions, the Northern California SME Section would like to hold a virtual presentation meeting.

    We would like to know your interest in attending a virtual Section presentation in the next month.

    Complete this 3-question survey to let us know your interest.

    Please let us know by Sunday, October 10
    Stay safe!

    William Warfield
    Roseville CA United States