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Status of Northern California Section

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    Posted 23 days ago
    The 2020 dues notices have gone out. For retired members there is a special category where dues are 1/2 price.  Registration is open for the Annual Conference coming up this February in Phoenix.  An outstanding local conference is the "Arizona Conference" coming up in December.  For those who are UCA members, and anyone interested in underground construction, there is the Cutting Edge Conference in Miami, Fl. in November. SME has a lot to offer its members.  Local Sections are the main stay of SME.  There will be 6 to 7,000 members who will attend the Annual meeting, which leaves over 10,000 whose involvement is in the Local Sections.  The Northern California Section has a roster of 210 members.  The treasury is sound.  We should be able to get the Section active again.

    I have been out of the loop for a couple of years now so I don't know of a good meeting spot.  In the past we have met a different restaurants and even in a Corporate office.  We have met in San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Vacaville, Sacramento and in the more distant past, places like Auburn and San Jose.  Though Vacaville is more centrally located.  There are places with back rooms that can hold 30 people who don't charge.  A restaurant or beer-pub make good venues. Your local winery will do as well.

    We have a treasurer who is willing to hang in there a little longer, Andy Sass, and I will take the Chairman position to get us up and running. We need a Vice-chair, Secretary and a program chair.  It doesn't require much effort as we work together.  The Secretary maintains the members data base so meeting notices can go out,  The idea is that officers move into the next level so we have some continuity.  We need younger members who are active and can find interesting speakers and organize outings.  Krumb lecturers are a good choice as are SME Leadership so you already have 2 meetings taken care of.

    Who will step up and help us get reorganized?   If you can find us a meeting place I will get a speaker?  Traditionally, Wednesday or Thursday evenings have worked best.  If you have an idea for a Saturday field trip, we can make that a meeting as well.   Ideas?

    Thank you for your help.  Lets make this happen.

    William Warfield
    Roseville CA United States