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SME Water & Mining Conference, October 8, 2019

  • 1.  SME Water & Mining Conference, October 8, 2019

    Posted 10-03-2019 09:26 PM
    Water & Mining Conference
    October 8, 2019 - Metropolitan Ballroom, Golden Valley, MN

    Please join the SME Twin Cities Subsection as we host a day of talks on current research, regulations, and solutions for water usage, remediation, and conservation in mining. Please see the Program page below for more information:


    Presentations From:

    • PolyMet Mining, Inc.
    • Kraemer Mining and Materials, Inc.
    • Wenck
    • New Gold Canada     
    • Itasca Consulting Group
    • Environmental Resources Management
    • University of Texas, Austin   
    • University of Minnesota    
    • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
    • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
    • US Department of the Interior - Bureau of Land Management 
    • Freshwater 
    • SME President

    Technical Presentations On:

    • Artificial Intelligence for Water Resources Management   
    • Transient Thermal Effects of Groundwater Mining on Local and Regional Aquifers   
    • Bio-remediation of Metals   
    • What Constitutes a Mine Waste Characterization Program
    • Minesite Water Management in the Rainy River Watershed  
    • Mining Water Issues, Prediction and Mitigation Approaches
    • Global Perspectives on Water and Mining
    • Waterway Regulation Changes
    • Upstream Tailings Basin Dams
    • Dewatering and Municipal Water Supply (Partnership/Testing/Liability) 
    • NPDES Permitting Update - Separating Out Groundwater from Surfacewater
    • Planning for Climatic Uncertainty: What are Costs for Extreme Precipitation Events at a Minesite?
    • SME's Mine Waste and Tailings Storage Facility Initiatives

    Louis Rudnicki
    Engineering Services Manager
    Tiller Corporation
    Maple Grove MN United States
    (763) 425-4191

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    Posted 10-03-2019 09:44 PM
    Thanks for the reminder!

    Leif Johnson

    Leif Johnson PG
    Big Rock Exploration LLC
    Circle Pines MN United States