Volunteer Leadership Pipeline - Keeping It Strong

By Rachel Grimes posted 01-28-2021 12:54 PM


One way to ensure a strong Section in the future is to create a robust leadership pipeline. Having a Section Leadership Succession plan in place allows easy transition from year to year so new leadership can learn from the out-going leadership and Section operation continues seamlessly.  

Any SME member can volunteer as a local Section leader. Volunteer positions can be annual officer positions (i.e. Secretary) or a one-time opportunity (e.g. setting up a virtual presenter on your personal Zoom account). 

Section officers, check out this example email to send to potential volunteer leadership. 

If you are interested in a volunteer leadership position with your local Section, contact Rachel at Sections@smenet.org to get connected!

Thanks to the awesome volunteer leadership at SME, local Section leaders help bring professional development, K-12 education and scholarships to local areas across the world.


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