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Example ‘Call for Leadership’ message – SME Sections

By Rachel Grimes posted 27 days ago


SME Sections provide a local touch point for members, offer professional development opportunities to the mining industry and provide local service to the public. Sections strengthen SME's mission to serve the mining community and support the advancement of the industry.  

Volunteer leadership is at the core of SME. Any SME member can volunteer as a local Section leader. Contact your local Section leadership to fill a leadership need within your local Section. 

Annual Positions

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Program Chair
  • Publicity Chair

Section Ambassadors
(Limited-time, limited-commitment positions)

If you’d like to volunteer with your local Section, but are wary of an annual-term position, sign up as a ‘Section Ambassador’ to complete any of the below tasks:

  • Post Section events on your Social Media channels to help with promotion
  • Conduct a professional presentation
  • Identify others to present to the Section
  • Help set up a presentation on your personal Zoom account
  • Reach out to lapsed members to invite them to events

Section leadership – what other positions or tasks need to be completed for a successful Section? Add them in the comments!




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