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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: Read the December 2023 Issue; Submit Your Paper!

By Chee Theng posted 12-26-2023 10:17 PM


Read and download the December 2023 issue of the SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration journal (free for SME members):

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MME has an impact factor of 1.9 and is abstracted and indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science), Scopus, Google Scholar, Ebsco, ProQuest and more!

Check out the MME Collections coming in 2024:

  • Extraction of Critical Minerals and Battery Metals
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Intelligent Mining
  • Underground Ventilation
  • Energy Metal Systems of the Colorado Plateau
  • Sustainable Water Management in Mining
  • Strategic Mine Planning in the Era of Climate Change

In Your MME December 2023 Issue:

Collection in Honor of Dr. Patrick Taylor: All About Metallurgy (continued)

Simultaneous Extraction of Valuable Metals from Iron-Containing Residues by Selective Chlorination and Evaporation

S. Steinlechner & K. Witt

Comparative Study of Hydrogen Reduction of Bauxite Residue-Calcium Sintered and Self-Hardened Pellets Followed by Magnetic Separation for Iron Recovery

Manish Kumar Kar, Ahmad Hassanzadeh, Casper van der Eijk & Jafar Safarian

Nitric Acid Pretreatment Applied to a Refractory Gold-Tellurides Ore

Carlos Argumedo-Jimenez, Dairo E. Chaverra & Oscar J. Restrepo-Baena

A Review on Environmental Concerns and Technological Innovations for the Valorization of Steel Industry Slag

Sheshang Singh Chandel, Prince Kumar Singh, Prvan Kumar Katiyar & Navneet Singh Randhawa

Special Focus Section: Collection on Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Mining (continued)

Intelligent Fleet Management Systems in Surface Mining: Status, Threats, and Opportunities

Arman Hazrathosseini & Ali Moradi Afrapoli

Investigating the Accuracy of Specimen Shape for Point Load Index Test in Predicting the Uniaxial Compressive Strength for Rocks Using Regression Analysis and Machine Learning

Deniz Akbay

A Machine Learning Model for Evaluation of Chain Pillar Stability in Deep Longwall Workings in India

A. Yadav, G. S. P. Singh & B. Behera

Special Focus Section: Collection on Geometallurgy (continued)

Metal Deportment in Complex Secondary Raw Materials: The Case of Vanadium in Basic Oxygen Furnace Slags

A. D. Renno, R. Möckel, M. Frenzel, D. Ebert, K. Bachmann, J. Krause & J. Gutzmer

Ore Types: What They Are, How They’re Made, and Their Uses and Abuses

Isabel Barton, Cristian Caro & Jodie Robertson

Special Focus Section: Collection on Mine Ventilation Innovations (continued)

A Network Model Analysis of an Unconventional Gas Well Breach Above an Underground Coal Mine

Heather Dougherty, Eric Watkins & Robert Kimutis


Environmental, Social, and Governance Considerations in Production Scheduling Optimisation for Sublevel Stoping Mining Operations: a Review of Relevant Works and Future Directions

G. M. Wali Ullah, Micah Nehring, Mehmet Kizil & Peter Knights

Optimal Backfilling Materials with High Compressive Strength Based on Multiple Linear Regression

Ehab Elsayed Gomaa & Khaled El nagdy

Investigating Effects of Reverse Osmosis-Treated Water on the Corrosion Rate of Chains in Armoured Face Conveyor for Longwall Mining

Jung-Hoon Sul, Benjamin Probyn, Brendan Donnelly, Lasitha Piyathilaka & Sanghyun Jeong

The Development of User Requirements as a Framework for the Design and Evaluation of a Fit-for-Purpose Missing Person Locator System for Underground Mines

Philani Larrance Ngwenyama & Ronald C.W. Webber-Youngman

Spatial Entropy for Quantifying Ore Loss and Dilution in Open-Pit Mines

Samer Hmoud & Mustafa Kumral

Underground Mining Self-Escape and Mine Rescue Practices: an Overview of Current and Historical Trends

Andrew Stafford, Kate Willa Brown Requist, Simon Lotero Lopez, Jeffrey Gordon, Moe Momayez & Eric Lutz

A New Mathematical Programming Formulation for Production Scheduling Optimisation of Sublevel Stoping Operations in the Presence of Pre-concentration Systems

Farzad Sotoudeh, Micah Nehring, Mehmet Kizil, Peter Knights & Amin Mousavi

Blockchain Technology and Mining Industry: A Review

Ankit Jha, Aaron Young & Javad Sattarvand


Dimensioning and Construction of a Sealing Layer Made of Green Liquor Dregs Amended Till—Remediation of Sulfidic Mine Waste

Susanne Nigéus, C. Maurice, J. Lindblom & J. Mácsik

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Methane Flame Propagation Characteristics in a 30.5m Explosion Reactor with Obstacles

Aditya Juganda, Patrick Maier, Erik Charrier, Jürgen Brune & Gregory E. Bogin Jr

Risk Assessment of Coal Dust Explosions in Coal Mines Using a Combined Fuzzy Risk Matrix and Pareto Analysis Approach

Nilufer Kursunoglu

Roof Stability of Underground Limestone Mining with Stratified Joints during Excavation Process

Lichun Jiang, Hao Zhang, Mi Zhou & Xihong Zhang

Application of Intelligent Models for Flyrock Prediction Considering Design Parameters and Bench Face Characteristics

Turker Hudaverdi & Yasar Agan

Influence of Joint Orientation and Spacing on Induced Rock Mass Damage due to Blasting in Limestone Mines

Vivek Kumar Himanshu, A. K. Mishra, M. P. Roy, Ravi Shankar, Vivek Priyadarshi & A. K. Vishwakarma

Study on Mechanical Properties of Multi-layer Composite Backfill and Constitutive Model Considering Interlayer Inclination

Huazhe Jiao, Qi Zhang, Yunfei Wang, Xinming Chen & Liuhua Yang

Study on Rock Fragments Penetration of Overlying Strata in Sublevel Caving

Kunpeng Yu, Liqiang Ma, Ichhuy Ngo, Qiangqiang Gao, Jiangtao Zhai, Fengyu Ren & Gideon Chitomb

Using CO2 Fracturing to Weaken Roofs During the Initial Phase of Longwall Coal Mining

Bingbing Meng, Yunxing Cao, Junsheng Zhang, Shuaifang Guo, Xinsheng Zhang & Li Wang

Prediction of Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Rocks from Their Physical Properties Using Soft Computing Techniques

Sufi Md Gulzar & L B Roy

Effect of Alkali-Activated Slag and Phosphogypsum Binder on the Strength and Workability of Cemented Paste Backfill and Its Environmental Impact

Zepeng Yan, Shenghua Yin, Xun Chen, Rongfu Yan & Wei Chen

Stability Analysis of a Mine Ventilation System Based on Airflow Influence Factors

Bingrui Li, Na Liu & Fengmei Chen

Damage Mechanism and Toxic Leaching Rule of Coal Gangue Under Multi-field Coupling Action

Xiaoding Xu, Pang Shun, Yuejin Zhou, Hengfeng Liu, Su Yang, Guodong Yang & Meng Wu

Mineral and Metallurgical Processing

Valorization of Air-Cooled EAF Manganese Slag in Comminution Processes: an Investigation into the Breakage Characterization

Laura Suarez, Pär Jonsén & Jörgen Kajberg

Overview of the Challenges and Opportunities in Processing Complex Gold-Copper Ores

Sospeter P. Maganga, Alphonce Wikedzi, Mussa D. Budeba & Samwel V. Manyele

Dehydroxylation of Limonite Ore for Magnetization Roasting: Phase Transformation and Kinetics Analysis

Pengchao Li, Xinran Zhu, Yuexin Han & Wenbo Li

A Mathematical Model to Estimate Slag Flow Rate Using a Novel Stellite-Coated Thermocouple for Blast Furnace

Ashish Agrawal, Anindya Sarkar, Souvik Ghosh, Prabal Patra, Manish Kumar Gupta, Manoj Kumar, Kamma Ramakrishna Rao, Anil Kumar Singh & Subhashis Kundu

Modeling the Liberation of Quartz in Low-Grade Iron Ores from Different Iron Deposits

Keqiang Chen, Liu Liu, Weiran Zuo, Wanzhong Yin, Qiuyue Sheng & Jin Yao

Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of Vanadium Recovery from Mechanical Activation-Assisted Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Ore (NH4)2C2O4 Leaching

Oluwasegun Samuel Odebiyi, Feng Gao, Hao Du, Biao Liu & Shaona Wang

The Effects of Calcination-Water Quenching on Quartz Purification and Its Mechanism

Zijie Ren, Zhi Liu, Yuhang Liu, Huimin Gao, Feida Wu & Yuhan Song

Replacement of Wet Ball Milling with High-Pressure Grinding Ahead of Mineral Separation

Claude Gagnon, Andreia Rosa, Sami Makni & Robert McIvor


Geological Domaining with Unsupervised Clustering and Ensemble Support Vector Classification

Kasimcan Koruk & Julian M. Ortiz

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