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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: Read the August 2023 Issue; Submit Your Paper!

By Chee Theng posted 08-15-2023 10:36 PM


Read and download the August 2023 issue of the SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration journal (free for SME members):

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In Your MME August 2023 Issue:


Safety Initiatives in Support of Safety Culture Development: Examples from Four Mining Organisations

Erik Sundström & Magnus Nygren

Development and Evaluation of a UWB-Based Indoor Positioning System for Underground Mine Environments

Moritz Ziegler, Amir Ehsan Kianfar, Tobias Hartmann & Elisabeth Clausen

An Industry Perspective on the Current US Metal Mining Engineering Education

Li-Ting Chen, Leping Liu, Sachin Urade & Pengbo Chu

A Review of Current Scheduling and Design Practices in the Powder River Basin

Amy McBrayer & Andrea Brickey

Comparison of Fire Suppression Techniques on Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Fires

Wei Tang, Liming Yuan, Richard Thomas & John Soles

Using Near-Miss Events to Create Training Videos

Jennica L. Bellanca, Brendan Macdonald, Jason Navoyski, Jonathan K. Hrica, Timothy J. Orr, Brendan Demich & Cassandra L. Hoebbel

Utilization of Statistical Analysis to Identify Influential Slope Parameters Associated with Rockfall at Open Pit Mines

Josef Bourgeois, Sean Warren & Jorge Armstrong

Projectile Impact Testing of a Concrete Coal Mine Seal Rated for 120 psi

Ethan A. Steward & Kyle A. Perry

A Novel Method of Roadway Floor Deformation Control by Deep-Hole Directional Tension Blasting—A Case Study

Jun Yang, Qiang Fu, Yubing Gao, Changjiang Li, Xu Chang & Xing Wu

A New Rock Mass Cuttability Classification for Roadheaders Used in Coal Mining

Behnaz Dibavar, Sair Kahraman, Masoud Rostami & Mustafa Fener


Numerical Modeling and Onsite Detection Analysis of Upward Mining Feasibility of Residual Coal from Multi-Gobs in Close-Multiple Coal Seams

Yang Li, Yuqi Ren, Xinghai Lei, Nan Wang & Xiangyang Jin

Explosion Wave Pressure Distributions and Response Characteristics of Mine Seal Under the Complex Roadway Pattern

Jianwei Cheng, Zhiyuan Ma, Zui Wang, Gao Ke, Junhong Si, Yi Qin & Xincheng Hu

Investigations on the Influence of Applied Thrust on Rock Penetration Rate by a Raise Boring Machine Using Numerical Simulation and Experimental Trials

Ashish Kumar Vishwakarma, V. M. S. R. Murthy, Vivek Kumar Himanshu, Amar Prakash & Sufal Mehrotra

Influence of material composition on post-failure behavior of overburden dumps in opencast coal mines

Anup Tiwari, Bibhuti Bhusan Mandal & Khanindra Pathak

An Empirical Model for Accurate Prediction of Yield Stress by Slump Flow Based on a Mini-cylindrical Mold

Minjie Zhang, Aixiang Wu, Yiming Wang & Zhuen Ruan

Prediction Model for Safe Width of Rock Mass Preventing Water Inrush from Fault in Excavation Roadway and Influencing Factors Analysis: a Case Study of the Xintian Coal Mine

Bo Li, Zijie Liu, Qiang Wu, Jie Long, Pu Liu & Menghua Li

Overburden Stress Arch Elevation Effect Induced by Roof Cutting and Destress Technique in Coal Mine Longwall Panel and Its Control Mechanism to Entry Surrounding Rock

Jinzhao Liu, Dongyin Li, Xiangjun Chen, Shen Wang, Haitao Wang & Yongjia Xu


Rapidly Searching for Carbonatite-Related REE Mineralized Systems Using Biotite and Barite Mineral Chemistry: an Economical REE Exploration Program

Xiaochao Shu, Rui Tao, Fanwei Meng & Kun Wang

Mineral and Metallurgical Processing

Reliability of the Non-linear Modeling in Predicting the Size Distribution of the Grinding Products Under Different Operating Conditions

Evangelos Petrakis, Emmanouil Varouchakis & Konstantinos Komnitsas

Kinetic Study of Lithium Leaching from Sidoarjo Mud Using Sulfuric Acid

Anisa Maulidia, Vincent Sutresno Hadi Sujoto, Dewa Putu Agus Sudarmaja, Januarti Jaya Eka Putri, Siti Nurul Aisyiyah Jenie, Widi Astuti, Yayat Iman Supriyatna, I Wayan Warmada, Sutijan, Ferian Anggara & Himawan Tri Bayu Murti Petrus

Study on the Tribocharging Properties of CaCO3 particles in a Cyclone Tribocharger

Su Meixuan, Wang Zhiqiang, Wang Jinjun, Li Shaokang, Yang Song & Li Guofeng

Indium Electrowinning from Sulfate Solutions: the Influence of Cathodic Support on the Process Effectiveness

E. Ciro, A. Dell’Era & C. Lupi

Contribution of Mechanical Activation for Obtaining Potassium Chloride from Microcline

Bahaa Alyosif, Turan Uysal, Muhammet Kürşat Aydemir & Murat Erdemoğlu

A Fuzzy Control Method Based on Rule Extraction for Zinc Leaching Process of Zinc Hydrometallurgy

Hongqiu Zhu, Yi Shang, Junbo Du, Can Zhou & Xuebin Liu

Aluminum Recovery by Acid Leaching of Variously Enriched Pyrophyllite Ore: Effects of Pre-treatment Methods for Activation

Ramazan Aydoğmuş, Murat Erdemoğlu & Turan Uysal

Synthesis of TiO2 from the Low-Grade Ilmenite Using the Mechanical Activation and Reductive Pressure Leaching in Low-Concentration H2SO4

Shaik Saida, Banty Kumar, G. G. Roy, Sanchita Chakravarty & T. K. Kundu

Separation of Iron and Zinc Values from Blast Furnace Dust Adopting Reduction Roasting-Magnetic Separation Method by Sawdust Pyrolysis

Ben Wang, Yali Feng, Haoran Li, Jinrong Ju & Yi Yang

Correlation Between the Mineralogical Properties and Oxidation Rate of Different Minerogenetic Pyrites: a Reflection on Floatability

Wenting Duan, Yi Wang, Feng Rao, Wenyuan Liu, Yuankun Yang & Rongdong Deng

Numerical Simulation Study on the Capture and Recovery of Rare Earth Mineral Particles in Bayan Obo Ore in a Superconducting Magnetic Field

Peng Xu, Zengwu Zhao, Qingwei Bai, Xinyang Liu, Jieliang Wang & Xiao Lei

Special Focus Section - Collection on Mine Ventilation Innovations (continued)

Identifying the Location and Size of an Underground Mine Fire with Simulated Ventilation Data and Random Forest Model

Yuting Xue, Davood Bahrami & Lihong Zhou

A Numerical Investigation on Utilizing Jacket Water Waste Heat of Power Generation Units in Remote Mines

Hosein Kalantari, Durjoy Baidya & Seyed Ali Ghoreishi-Madiseh