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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: Read the April 2023 Issue; Submit Your Paper!

By Chee Theng posted 04-25-2023 04:14 PM


Read and download the April 2023 issue of the SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration journal (free for SME members): 

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In Your MME April 2023 Issue:

Mineral & Metallurgical Processing

Eco-Friendly Collectors for Flotation of Fine Hematite and Malachite Particles (Open Access)
Vladislav Slabov, Garima Jain, Erik Larsen, Hanumantha Rao Kota & Irina Chernyshova

Economic Assessment of an In Situ Leaching Operation with Ore Preconditioning Using Sublevel Stoping Techniques
Humberto Estay, Simón Díaz-Quezada, Ernesto Arancibia & Tomás Vargas

Leaching of Silver from Mechanically Activated Naumannite
Katarína Gáborová, Marcela Achimovičová, Pavel Škácha, María Florencia Márquez-Zavalía, Jaroslav Briančin & Oľga Šestinová

Evaluation of the Liberation Characteristic of Coarse Middling Coking Coal by Size-Density Fractionation
Zengchuan Yue, Caixia Li, Xu Han & Ruichen Ren

Modified Design of Pillar Based on Estimated Stresses and Strength of Pillar in an Underground Limestone Mine
Aman Soni, Juan J. Monsalve, Richard Bishop & Nino Ripepi

Implications of Shale Gas Well Integrity Failure Near a Longwall Mine Under Shallow Cover
K. M. Ajayi, Z. Khademian, S. J. Schatzel & E. N. Rubinstein

Experimental Study on Attenuation of Acoustic Emission Signals in Metallic Plates for Deep-Sea Mining
Sunny Schoone, Fabian Laumen, Félix Leaman & Elisabeth Clausen

Dynamic Response Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Structure in Underground Coal Mine Environment with Various Strata Conditions
Kutay E. Karadeniz, Samuel Nowak, Dogukan Guner & Taghi Sherizadeh

Weighted ensembles of artificial neural networks based on Gaussian mixture modeling for truck productivity prediction at open-pit mines
Chengkai Fan, Na Zhang, Bei Jiang & Wei Victor Liu

Prioritisation of Environmental Improvement Projects in Deep-Level Mine Ventilation Systems (Open Access)
J. Swanepoel, J. C. Vosloo, J. H. van Laar & W. A. Pelser

Performance Evaluation of Rockburst Prediction Based on PSO-SVM, HHO-SVM, and MFO-SVM Hybrid Models
Jian Zhou, Peixi Yang, Pingan Peng, Manoj Khandelwal & Yingui Qiu

Stress Evolution and Failure Characteristics of Overburden During Multi-Stope Mining for a Gently Inclined Thin Orebody
Yuanhui Li, Zhipeng Xiong, Kunmeng Li, Pengfei Yu, Yueyue Ding & Zhengrong Li

Deformation and Failure Characteristics and Bearing Mechanism of a Pillar Group in Stage Open Stope Mining
Chao Wu, Xing Sun, Yuanhui Li, Shuai Xu, Changyu Jin & Long An

Experimental Study on Influence of Additional Stress Induced by Hydrophobic Drainage on Vertical Shaft-Lining
Qing Yu, Haoyu Miao, Xiaohong He, Minghua Lin, Rui Guo & Kaixiang Zhang

Effect of Lead–Zinc Mining on Socio-Economic and Health Conditions of Enyigba and Ishiagu Lead–zinc Mining Districts of Southeastern Nigeria
Anthony Chukwu & Smart Chika Obiora

Dynamic Loading Mechanism and Stability Control of Gob-Side Entry Retaining with Thick and Hard Roof: Insights from Numerical Simulation and Field Test
Zizheng Zhang, Shiqiang Xu, Weijian Yu, Jinlin Xin, Jianbiao Bai, Shuai Yan & Hai Wu

Monitoring of Subsidence Over a Continuous Miner-Based Coal Mine Caving Panels Using PS-InSAR Technique
J. Anil, Kapil Kumar, Sahendra Ram, S. Chatterjee & A. K. Gorai

Stress Evolution and Surrounding Rock Control During Coal Seam Mining Under the Influence of Overlying and Adjacent Goafs
Songyang Yin, Zhibiao Guo, Pan Gao, Jinglin You & Yuhui Li