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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: Read the February 2023 Issue; Submit Your Paper!

By Chee Theng posted 02-16-2023 10:44 PM


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In Your MME February 2023 Issue:

Mineral & Metallurgical Processing

Effects of Surfactin, a Promising Carbonate Ore Collector, on the Physicochemical Properties of Magnesite Surface

Derya Öz Aksoy, Serhat Özdemir, Pınar Aytar Çelik, Sabiha Koca, Ahmet Çabuk, Hüseyin Koca

A Review of Copper and Nickel Extraction from Wastewater by Emulsion Liquid Membrane (ELM)

Hao Ma, Kristian E. Waters, Haibei Wang

Understanding Charge Effects on Marked Ball Wear Rates-a Corrosion Study: Part 1. The Impacts of pH and Chloride Concentration

John Bailey Fletcher, Michael S. Moats

Understanding Charge Effects on Marked Ball Wear Rates: a Corrosion Study - Part 2. The Impact of Chromium Content in Media and Dissolved Oxygen

John Bailey Fletcher, Michael S. Moats

Isothermal Reduction Kinetics of Copper Slag Biomass Composite Pellets

Shuai Li, Hui Shu, Hongling Wang, Di Wu

Separation and Recovery of Vanadium, Nickel, and Aluminum from Acid Leaching Solution of Spent Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst by a Solvent Extraction-Oxalic Acid Precipitation Process

Jinrong Ju, Yali Feng, Haoran Li, Chenglong Xu, Shunliang Liu

Oxidative Leaching of Low-Grade Pyrolusite in Alkaline Solutions to Produce Potassium Manganate

Fenglan Luo, Hongyan Xie, Huixin Jin, Chenzhe Li, Lianren Ma, Duolun Wang

Optimization of the Flotation of Low-Grade Phosphate Ore Using DOE: a Comparative Evaluation of Fatty Acid Formulation to Sodium Oleate

Imane Aarab, Khalid El Amari, Abdelrani Yaacoubi, Abderahman Etahiri, Abdelaziz Baçaoui

Effect of Raw Material Particle Size on the Direct Reduction Process of High-Phosphorus Oolitic Hematite

Hongda Xu, Tichang Sun, Jue Kou, Wenli Han, Shichao Wu

The Effect of Mechanochemical Activation on Carbothermic Reduction of Pyrolusite Ore

Chenna Rao Borra, Shaik Saida, Manish Kumar Kar, Prakash Venkatesan, Veerendra Singh, Mehmet Ali Recai Ӧnal

An Energy-T75 Size Reduction Model for Ball Mills

Jiaqi Tong, Caibin Wu, Ningning Liao, Chengfang Yuan, Zhilong Cheng, Chong Zeng

Comprehensive Electrochemical-Chemical Study of Copper Reduction from Molybdenum Concentrate Using Mixed HCl, FeCl3, CuCl2, and CaCl2 Leaching Medium

Shima Barakan, Valeh Aghazadeh, Ehsan Bidari, Mina Soleymani, Morovvat Faridazad

Leaching of Copper from a Nigerian Chalcopyrite-Rich Siderite Ore by Ammonia-Ammonium Sulphate Solutions

Shemang Y. Chindo, Kehinde I. Omoniyi, Edith B. Agbaji, Yakubu A. Dallatu, Alafara A. Baba

Kinetics Study on the Leaching of Copper from Calcification Roasting Copper Refining Slag Using Waste Acid

Chao Fan Tang, Rong Liang Zhang, Wei Zhang, Rui Xiang Yang, Cong Li, Jia Zeng


Quantification of Heat of Wetting Effect on Low-Rank Coal's Self-heating Process

Yinan Zhang, Yi Luo

Whole-Body Vibration in the Mining Industry: a Systematic Review of Assessment Methods

Florence Ntsiful, Eric Stemn

A Method for Selecting Optimum Microparameters' Values in the Numerical Simulation of Rock Cutting

A. D. Kalogeropoulos, T. N. Michalakopoulos

A Virtual Planning Method for Spatial Pose and Performance Fusion Advancement of Mining and Transportation Equipment in Complex Geological Environment

Mengyao Dong, Jiacheng Xie, Juanli Li, Wenyong Du, Tao Cui, Pengfei Huo

Multidimensional Analysis of Coal Mine Safety Accidents in China – 70 Years Review

Bing Wu, Jingxin Wang, Mingyu Zhong, Cuncang Xu, Baolin Qu

Numerical Simulation Study on Mechanism of Roof Directional Breaking in Gob-Side Entry Formed Automatically Without Coal Pillars

Jun Zhang, Yajun Wang, Manchao He, Chengzhang Gao, Ben Liu, Shilin Hou, Gang Yang, Jianning Liu, Jun Yang, Yayun Li

Effect of Water on Mechanical Properties of Coal, Charge Induction, and Rockburst Hazard Prevention

Xin Ding, Xiaochun Xiao, Xiangfeng Lv, Di Wu, Yishan Pan

Investigating Strength Anisotropy of Plain and Steel Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete

Muhammad Usman Khan, Muhammad Usman Tahir, Muhammad Zaka Emad, Muhammad Azeem Raza, Saqib Ahmad Saki

Investigation of Acoustic Emissions and Friction Behavior in a Two-phase Flow with Different Sand Content

Sunny Schoone, Maximilian Getz, Félix Leaman, Elisabeth Clausen

Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Haul Road Response to Ultra-Large Dump Truck Dynamic Loading

Bruno Ayaga Kansake, Samuel Frimpong, Wedam Nyaaba, Irene Akalanyaba Ateng

Ground Penetrating Radar Application to Detect the Watertight Clay Layer at Tailing Dump

Kairat Kalmurzayev, Yerkezhan Madenova

Bayesian Network Approach for Dragline Reliability Analysis: a Case Study

Deepak Kumar, Debasis Jana, Suprakash Gupta, Pawan Kumar Yadav

Optimized Extreme Learning Machine by an Improved Harris Hawks Optimization Algorithm for Mine Fire Flame Recognition

Juan Nan, Jian Wang, Hao Wu, Kun Li

An Investigation into Statistical Correlations Between Coal Production and Key Productivity Indicators of Surface Miners in Indian Opencast Mines

Nilesh Pratap Singh, Vikram Seervi, Nawal Kishore, Amit Kumar Verma

Unstable Shear Slip Failure and Seismic Potential Investigation Using DEM in Underground Mining

Xu Ma, Ping Zhang

Deformation Mechanism and Control Technology of Coal Roadway with Thin Sand-mudstone Interbed Roof

Hai Lin, Renshu Yang, Yongliang Li, Shizheng Fang

Evolution Regularity and Control Technology of Coal Face Rupture Induced by The movement of Overlying Strata Under the Influence of Mining

Xun Xu, Dezhong Kong, Yu Xiong, Fei Chen

Evaluation of Methodology for Real-Time Monitoring of Diesel Particulate Matter in Underground Mines

Arash Habibi, Aleksandar D. Bugarski, David Loring, Anna Cable, Logan Ingalls, Calvin Rutter

Prevention of CO in a Working Face with Z-Type Ventilation Using the N00 Longwall Mining Method: a Case Study

Ruifeng Huang, Xiaojie Yang, Gang Yang, Zhenli Hao, Chaowen Hu, Zheng Wang, Manchao He