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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: Read the October 2022 Issue, Submit Your Paper!

By Chee Theng posted 10-18-2022 06:22 PM


Read and download the October 2022 issue of the SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration journal (free for SME members): 

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In Your MME October 2022 Issue:

Special Focus Section: Collection on Ground Control in Mining

Assessment of Floor Heave Associated with Bumps in a Longwall Mine Using the Discrete Element Method

Bo Hyun Kim, Mark K. Larson


Examining the Effect of Natural Fractures on Stone Mine Pillar Strength Through Synthetic Rock Mass Approach

Mustafa Can Suner, Ihsan Berk Tulu


Roof Stability and Support Strategies Associated with Longwall-induced Horizontal Stress Changes in Belt Entries

Peter Zhang, Gabriel Esterhuizen, Morgan Sears, Jack Trackemas, Todd Minoski, Berk Tulu


Exploration of Limestone Pillar Stability in Multiple-Level Mining Conditions Using Numerical Models

Gamal Rashed, Brent Slaker, Michael Murphy


Geology-Oriented Load Estimation Approach for Underground Coal Mines

Deniz Tuncay, Ihsan Berk Tulu, Haochen Zhao


Stochastic Continuous Modeling for Pillar Stress Estimation and Comparison with 2D Numerical, and Analytical Solutions in an Underground Stone Mine

Juan J. Monsalve, Aman Soni, Mario Karfakis, Jim Hazzard, Nino Ripepi



Analysis of SLAM-Based Lidar Data Quality Metrics for Geotechnical Underground Monitoring

Lukas Fahle, Elizabeth A. Holley, Gabriel Walton, Andrew J. Petruska, Jurgen F. Brune


Time Series Modeling of Methane Gas in Underground Mines

Juan Diaz, Zach Agioutantis, Dionissios T. Hristopulos, Steven Schafrik, Kray Luxbacher


Creep Damage Model for Rockburst at Mufulira Mine in Zambia

P. Sinkala, M. Nishihara, Y. Nakayama, Y. Fujii, J. Kodama, D. Fukuda, E. Chanda


Analysis of Steel Prop Supports Subjected to Vertical and Lateral Loading

Khaled Mohamed, Timothy Batchler


A New Workflow of X-ray CT Image Processing and Data Analysis of Structural Features in Rock Using Open-Source Software

Neel Gupta, Brijes Mishra, Dustin M. Crandall


Mechanical Model and Engineering Measurement Analysis of Structural Stability of Key Aquiclude Strata

Qiang Sun, Yuzhuo Jiang, Dan Ma, Jixiong Zhang, Yanli Huang


Machine Learning Prediction of the Load Evolution in Three-Point Bending Tests of Marble

K. Kaklis, O. Saubi, R. Jamisola, Z. Agioutantis


A Numerical Modeling Approach for Assessment of Seepage Characteristics and Performance of Protective Water Barrier Pillars in Underground Coal Mines

Ankush Galav, G. S. P. Singh, S. K. Sharma


Prediction of Blast-Induced Ground Vibration Using Principal Component Analysis–Based Classification and Logarithmic Regression Technique

Vivek K. Himanshu, A. K. Mishra, Ashish K. Vishwakarma, M. P. Roy, P. K. Singh


Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk in the Upper Extremities of Mobile Mining Equipment Operators Exposed to Hand-Transmitted Vibrations in Underground Metal Mines: a Case–Control Study

S. Sridhar, M. Govinda Raj, M. Aruna


Determining the Benefit of Air Receivers in South African Deep-Level Mines Using a Genetic Algorithm

Michael David Harmse, Jean Herman van Laar, Wiehan Adriaan Pelser, Cornelius Stephanus Lodewyk Schutte


Predicting and Optimising the Strength of Cemented Paste Fills Through Bayesian Network Model

Kanhaiya Mishra, P. S. Paul, C. N. Ghosh, Prashant Singh, S. K. Behera, Phanil. K. Mandal


An Empirical Comparison of Discrete Choice Models for Mining Stakeholder Analysis

Sisi Que, Kwame Awuah-Offei, Yumin Wang, Ziwei Ding, Shaochun Yuan


Mineral and Metallurgical Processing

Optimization of High-grade Fluorspar Recovery from Rare Earth Element Carbonatite Deposit Using Column Flotation

Thi Yen Chau Nguyen, Lucie Coudert, Lan Huong Tran, Kristin K. Mueller, Guy Mercier, Jean-François Blais


Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) for Green Recycling of Wasted Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs): Progress on Pushing the Overall Efficiency

Zhongjie Wang, Shuie Li, Taibai Li, Tao Hu, Xiang Ge


TGA Kinetic Analyses of Zinc Ferrite Reduction with H2

Vivek Kashyap, Evody Tshijik Karumb, Patrick Taylor


Coarse Beneficiation of Trona Ore by Sensor-Based Sorting

Nicholas Bellusci, Patrick R. Taylor, D. Erik Spiller, Victor Braman


Characterization and Iron Removal Enhancement of El-Zaafarana White Sand

Amr F. M. Ibrahim, Ahmed A. S. Seifelnassr, Ahmed Al-Abady, Montaser S. El-Salmawy, Abdeaziem M. Abdelaal


Effect of Roasting Temperature on the Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrate in Sulphuric Acid

Güldane Atesoglu, İsmail Atilgan


Kinetic Study of Copper and Cobalt Dissolution from Sulfidic Ores in Sulfate–chloride Media

Kubangala Brest Kasongo, Mbal Henock-Michel Mwanat, Ntumba Edward Malenga, Mamookho Elizabeth Makhatha


Response Surface Method Optimization to Improve Copper Extraction from Refractory Copper Oxide Ore

Baoqiang Yu, Deguang Zhan, Jingzhi Liu, Huai Wang, Simin Yang, Xueping Hu


A Precipitation-Adsorption Technique for the Removal of Fluoride and Phosphate in Phosphogypsum: an Economical and Green Method

Zhen Luo, Zibo An, Hao Zhang, Yong Hu, Hong Cao, Jun Xue


Special Focus Section - Collection on Mine Ventilation (continued)

Development of a Real-Time Respirable Coal Dust and Silica Dust Monitoring Instrument Based on Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

P. Nascimento, S. J. Taylor, W. P. Arnott, K. C. Kocsis, X. L. Wang, H. Firouzkouhi


Real-time Photoacoustic Measurements of the Mass Concentration of Respirable Crystal Silica Dust: Theory

Samuel J. Taylor, Pedro Nascimento, W. Patrick Arnott, Charles Kocsis


An Assessment of Parameters for Cementation of Impurities from Zinc Sulphate Leach Solution by a Statistical Design

Arvind Rajnarayan Singh, Alen Shibu Joseph, Mudila Dhanunjaya Rao, Kamalesh K. Singh


Investigation of Explosion Hazard in Longwall Coal Mines by Combining CFD with a 1/40th-Scale Physical Model

A. Juganda, H. Pinheiro, F. Wilson, N. Sandoval, G. E. Bogin, J. F. Brune