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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: Read the June 2022 issue; Introducing MME Topical Collections

By Chee Theng posted 05-31-2022 06:29 PM


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Introducing MME Topical Collections
This issue introduces our new MME Topical Collections, starting with the Special Focus Section-Collection on Mine Ventilation. Guest Editors Purushotham Tukkaraja and Jürgen F. Brune. The next Topical Collection will be the Collection on Ground Control in Mining. Guest Editor Ihsan Berk Tulu.

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In Your MME June 2022 Issue:

Special Focus Section-Collection on Mine Ventilation. Guest Editors Purushotham Tukkaraja and Jürgen F. Brune

Experimental Study of Improving a Mine Ventilation Network Model Using Continuously Monitored Airflow
L. Zhou, R. A. Thomas, L. Yuan & D. Bahrami

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of a Methane Gas Explosion in a Full-Scale, Underground Longwall Coal Mine
Aditya Juganda, Claire Strebinger, Jürgen. F. Brune & Gregory E. Bogin Jr

Scaling and Flow Similarity Considerations to Develop a 1/40th Scale Aerodynamic Model of a Longwall Coal Mine for Methane Hazards Investigation
H. Pinheiro, A. Juganda, N. Sandoval, F Wilson, K. Gallagher, G. Bogin & J. Brune

Optimizing the Performance of Vertically-Mounted Jet Fans in Ventilation Shafts
Richard Ray Jr, Ethan Fuster & Stephen Lee

Diesel Aerosols in an Underground Coal Mine
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, Shawn Vanderslice, Jon A. Hummer, Teresa Barone, Steven E. Mischler, Shad Peters, Steve Cochrane & Jared Winkler

Extensive Duct-Fan Systems with In-line Booster Fans: Planning for Partial Vacuum and an Algorithm for In-line Booster Fan Positioning
M. Francoeur, J. R. R. Bowling & A. McFadden

Hot Surface Ignition of Liquid Fuels Under Ventilation
Wei Tang, Davood Bahrami, Liming Yuan, Richard Thomas & John Soles

Experimental Assessment of an Analytical Model of the Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient in a Mine Gallery
J. J. de Felipe, Jordi Vives-Costa, Maria Niubó & Lluís Sanmiquel

Study on Roadway Fault Diagnosis of the Mine Ventilation System Based on Improved SVM
Dan Zhao & Zhiyuan Shen

A Second Case Study of Field Test Results for Comparison of Roof Bolter Dry Collection System with Wet Collection System
W. R. Reed, S. S. Klima, A. Mazzella, G. Ross, G. Roberts & J. Deluzio

Respirable dust constituents and particle size: a case study in a thin-seam coal mine
Jonathan Gonzalez, Cigdem Keles, Nishan Pokhrel, Lizeth Jaramillo & Emily Sarver

Regular Section
Stress Redistribution in a Longwall Yield Pillar — a Comparison between Active Seismic Tomography and Theory
Erik C. Westman, Jessica M. Wempen, Dallan J. Coons, Michael K. McCarter & William G. Pariseau

Numerical Evaluation on Stress and Permeability Evolution of Overlying Coal Seams for Gas Drainage and Gas Disaster Elimination in Protective Layer Mining
Peng Hou, Yi Xue, Feng Gao, Songhe Wang, Xuanye Jiao & Caihui Zhu

Investigation of Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss of Underground Coal Mines
İlknur Erol

Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Bedding Plane Strength on Laminated Roof Failure in Underground Entries Using Coupled FDM-DEM
Qingwen Shi & Brijes Mishra

Estimating Strength of Pillars with Karst Voids in a Room-and-Pillar Limestone Mine
Aman Soni, Juan J. Monsalve, Richard Bishop, Nino Ripepi & Jonathan G. Baggett

Fire Size and Response Time Predictions in Underground Coal Mines Using Neural Networks
Barros-Daza Manuel J., Luxbacher Kray D., Lattimer Brian Y. & Hodges Jonathan L.

Study on Optimization of Stope Structure Parameters for Steeply Inclined Medium-thick Broken Ore Bodies
Dongjie Zhang, Shuxin Liu & Jianduo Wang

Human Factors Issues Associated with Mobile Mining Equipment-Related Injuries of Ghanaian Surface Gold Mines
Eric Stemn, Charlotte Abena Benyarku & Albert Buabeng

Multi-response Optimization for Evaluating Output Responses in Rock Cutting Through Grey-Fuzzy-Coupled Taguchi Technique
Sathish Kumar Palaniappan, Samir Kumar Pal, Moganapriya Chinnasamy, Rajasekar Rathanasamy & Gobinath Velu Kaliyannan

Estimation of Optimum Line of Extraction for Continuous Miner Workings and Development of Continuous Miner Stability Index (CMSI) using 3D Numerical Modeling and Statistical Approach
Sreenivasa Rao Islavath & Sunil Bodakunta

Performance of New Inorganic Retarding Sealing Material for Gas Drainage Boreholes
Jianwei Cheng, Yu Wang, Gang Zhao, Wancheng Zheng, Hui Wang, Weidong Lu, Huan Yang, Yuhang Wu, Yuchen Wu, Zhanyou Sa, Jie Liu, Purushotham Thkkaraja & Marek Borowski

Flow Characteristics of Fresh Cemented Paste Backfill Containing Flocculant under Variable Shear Rate Based on Water Migration
Shi Wang, Xuepeng Song, Meiliang Wei, Wu Liu, Xiaojun Wang, Yuxian Ke, Tiejun Tao & Hongbin Liu

Evaluation of Functionalized Chitosan Polymers for Pyrite’s Depression in Pb-Cu Sulfide Flotation Using Response Surface Methodology
Keitumetse Cathrine Monyake & Lana Alagha

A Process Mineralogy Approach to the Flotation of Complex Lead–Zinc Ores from Görgü (Malatya) Region
Ceylan Yarluğkal Altınışık, Yakup Cebeci, Hikmet Sis & Leyla Kalender

Development of Low-cost Smelting Reduction Process Using Cupola Furnace for Efficient Use of Inferior Grade Manganese Ores and Rejects
Veerendra Singh & S. N. Gurulaxmi

The Extraction of Silica from Nickel Laterite Ore by Alkaline Hydrothermal Process
Shiyuan Cao, Longjiao Chang, Xiaolong Bi, Shaohua Luo & Jianan Liu

The Evaluation of Starch-Based Flocculant on the Thickener Operation in the Molybdenum Processing Plant and Competency of Molybdenite Flotation
Ataallah Bahrami, Abolfazl Danesh, Fatemeh Kazemi, Yousef Ghorbani & Morteza Abdollahi

Effect and Mechanism of Depressant Disodium Carboxymethyl Trithiocarbonate on Flotation Separation of Stibnite and Pyrite
Zhengyao Li, Yuanyuan Wang, Muxin Jia, Ligang Wen, Xuewen Wang & Jinzhi Wei

Design and Simulation Analysis of Dewatering Hydrocyclones
Sunati Mohanty & Ajit Swain

Selective Recovery of Manganese from Low-Grade Ferruginous Manganese Ores Through SO2 Leaching
V. K. Reddy Kallam, Neha Pandey, Sunil Kumar Tripathy & Arijit Biswas

A Novel Approach for Separation and Recovery of Titanium, Scandium, Iron from Acidic Wastewater and Red Gypsum Utilization
Jinrong Ju, Yali Feng, Haoran Li & Ben Wang

Stochastic modeling of iron in coal seams using two-point and multiple-point geostatistics: A case study
Sultan Abulkhair & Nasser Madani