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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: Read the April 2022 issue, submit your paper!

By Chee Theng posted 03-31-2022 06:57 PM


Read and download the April 2022 issue of the SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration journal (free for SME members): 

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In Your MME April 2022 Issue:

Preface to the MME Special Focus Issue on Mine Ventilation Innovations Part I
Purushotham Tukkaraja & Jürgen Brune

Improvement of Working Conditions and Opinions of Mine Workers When Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) Are Used Instead of Diesel Machines — Results of Field Trial at the Kittilä Mine, Finland
A. Halim, J. Lööw, J. Johansson, J. Gustafsson, A. van Wageningen & K. Kocsis

Development of Strategies to Reduce Ventilation and Heating Costs in a Swedish Sublevel Caving Mine—a Unique Case of LKAB’s Konsuln Mine
S. Gyamfi, A. Halim & A. Martikainen

A Comprehensive Roof Bolter Drilling Control Algorithm for Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Reducing Respirable Dust
H. Jiang & Y. Luo

Field Test of a Canopy Air Curtain on a Ramcar for Dust Control in an Underground Coal Mine
W. Randolph Reed, J. F. Colinet, S. S. Klima, A. Mazzella, G. Ross, M. Workman, T. Morson & J. Driscoll

Transition and Optimization of the Henderson Mine Ventilation System
K Kolobe, C Rutter & N Shea

On the Occurrence and Persistence of Coal-Mineral Microagglomerates in Respirable Coal Mine Dust
Jonathan Gonzalez, Cigdem Keles & Emily Sarver

Effectiveness of the CPDM in Reducing Overexposures to Coal Mine Dust
Jay F. Colinet & Steven E. Mischler

Comparison of Respirable Coal Mine Dust Constituents Estimated using FTIR, TGA, and SEM–EDX
Nishan Pokhrel, Eleftheria Agioutanti, Cigdem Keles, Setareh Afrouz & Emily Sarver

Predictive Modelling of CART-Based Frictional Resistance in Mine Ventilation Systems
Yonghong Liu, De Huang & Yucheng Li

Regular papers:
The Flame Characteristics of a Tyre Fire on a Mining Vehicle
Rickard Hansen

Optimal Pitwall Shapes to Increase Financial Return and Decrease Carbon Footprint of Open Pit Mines
S. Utili, A. Agosti, N. Morales, C. Valderrama, R. Pell & G. Albornoz

Heat Stress in Underground Mines and its Control Measures: A Systematic Literature Review and Retrospective Analysis
Siddhartha Roy, Devi Prasad Mishra, Ram Madhab Bhattacharjee & Hemant Agrawal

Augmented Reality Platform for the Unmanned Mining Process in Underground Mines
Ji Fang, Chong Fan, Fengrui Wang & Dongxin Bai

A High-Precision Road Network Construction Method Based on Deep Learning for Unmanned Vehicle in Open Pit
Qinghua Gu, Buqing Xue, Jiangshan Song, Xuexian Li & Qian Wang

Use of a New Insertion Apparatus for Improving Performances of the Friction Rock Stabilizers
Eren Komurlu, Atila Gurhan Celik & İbrahim Gunes

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) In Underground Coal Mines: a Literature Review and Practical Considerations
Chenming Zhou, Miguel Reyes & Mathew Girman

Investigating the Slurry Fluidity and Strength Characteristics of Cemented Backfill and Strength Prediction Models by Developing Hybrid GA-SVR and PSO-SVR
Kun Du, Minghui Liu, Jian Zhou & Manoj Khandelwal

Coal and Rock Classification with Rib Images and Machine Learning Techniques
Yuting Xue

Area Noise Assessment at Surface Stone, Sand, and Gravel Mines: Application for Reducing Worker Noise Exposure
Amanda S. Azman, Hugo E. Camargo & Brian Kim

Exploring Worker Experience as a Predictor of Routine and Non-routine Safety Performance Outcomes in the Mining Industry
Cassandra L. Hoebbel, Emily J. Haas & Margaret E. Ryan

DEM Analysis of the Effect of Lamination Properties on the Stability of an Underground Coal Mine Entry with Laminated Shale Roof
Qingwen Shi, Brijes Mishra & Yun Zhao

The Necessity for Improved Hand and Finger Protection in Mining
John R. Heberger, Mahiyar F. Nasarwanji, Jonisha P. Pollard & Lydia M. Kocher

Research on the Explosion Effects and Fracturing Mechanism of Liquid Carbon Dioxide Blasting
Yanan Zhang, Hongwei Deng, Bo Ke & Feng Gao

Predicting Index-Mechanical Properties of Igneous Rock Using Electrical Resistivity Method
Ismail Ince

A New Method for Intuitively Reflecting the Deterioration Characteristics of the Rock Surrounding Roadways and Its Application Based on the Strain Softening Model
Xianwen Geng, Hao Liu, Pu Wang & Jin Dai

Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Characteristics in Longwall Goaf Materials
Fang Yuan, Jianxin Tang, Yanlei Wang, Cheng Li & Lingrui Kong

Air Quality Impact Assessment and Management of Mining Activities Around an International Heritage Site in India
S. K. Chaulya, R. K. Tiwary, S. K. Mondal, G. C. Mondal, T. B. Singh, S. Singh, R. S. Singh & K. K. K. Singh

Decision Support System for the Prediction of Mine Fire Levels in Underground Coal Mining Using Machine Learning Approaches
Muhammad Kamran & Niaz Muhammad Shahani

The New Prediction Method for Surface Subsidence Scope Induced by the Sublevel Caving Mining Method
Yang Liu, Yanjun Zhou, Rongxing He, Jianli Cao, Fengyu Ren, Dongjie Zhang & Xudong Li

Experimental Quantification of Granular Material Fragmentation Due to Travel Distance
René Gómez & Raúl Castro

Rare Earth Element Deposits and Their Prospects in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Georges M. Kasay, Anthony T. Bolarinwa, Olawale K. Aromolaran, Charles Nzolang & Alain S. Kivava

Evaluation of the Long-Term Contaminated Neutral Drainage CND Generation Potential of Waste Rock Piles at the Abandoned Zn-Pb Erdouz Mine (Occidental High Atlas, Morocco)
Abdelmalek Goumih, Mariam El Adnani, Rachid Hakkou, Mostafa Benzaazoua, Salah Ouhamdouch & My Ahmed Boumehdi

Diit Quaternary Stream Sediments, Southern Coast of the Red Sea, Egypt: Potential Source of Ilmenite, Magnetite, Zircon, and Other Economic Heavy Minerals
Mona M. Fawzy, Mohamed S. Abu El Ghar, Ibrahim M. Gaafar, A. M. El Shafey, Mohamed Diab & Ahmed W. Hussein

Study on the Occurrence of Rare Earth Elements in Coal Refuse Based on Sequential Chemical Extraction and Pearson Correlation Analysis
Tiancheng Nie, Changchun Zhou, Jinhe Pan, Zhiping Wen, Fan Yang & Ruibo Jia

Trace Element Content and Partition in Apatite Group Minerals in Phosphate Ore from Catalão, Brazil
Angela Nair Avelar, Paulo R. G. Brandão & Reiner Neumann

Strategies for Recycling of Primary and Secondary Resources for Germanium Extraction
Pratima Meshram & Abhilash

Oxidation of Pyrite Using Ozone Micro-Nano Bubbles
Rui Zhang, Hongqiang Wang, Eming Hu, Zhiwu Lei, Fang Hu, Wei Hou & Qingliang Wang

Gold Extraction from Refractory Minerals Using Acid Oxidative Pretreatment at Low Pressure
María A. Bracamontes-Landavazo, Jesús Leobardo Valenzuela-García, Patricia Guerrero-Germán, Martín Antonio Encinas-Romero, Agustín Gómez-Alvarez & José R. Parga-Torres

Efficient Separation and Recovery of Vanadium, Titanium, Iron, Magnesium, and Synthesizing Anhydrite from Steel Slag
Jinrong Ju, Yali Feng, Haoran Li, Chenglong Xu & Yi Yang

A New High Charge Density Superplasticizer Regulates the Rheological Properties of Tailings Slurry and Cemented Paste Backfill Materials
Zhou Zaibo, Liu Juanhong, Zhou Qian, Wu Aixiang & Wang Hongjiang

Spigot Design Modification to Alleviate Roping in Hydrocyclones
S. S. Pathak, S. Mishra, M. H. Tyeb & A. K. Majumder

Synergistic Extraction and Separation of Cobalt and Lithium Using D2EHPA and CYANEX 272
Sarah Mahmoudi, Ataollah Babakhani, Mehdi Noori, Atefeh Azizitorghabeh & Fereshteh Rashchi

Comparison of the Antimony Cementation from Chloride Media Using Various Cementators
Özgün Küçükoğlu, Burcu Nilgün Çetiner, Mehmet Hakan Morcalı & Serdar Aktaş

Effect of Application of Compressive and Shear Force on Iron Ore Pellet Wet Feed on Green and Fired Pellet Quality
Neha Gupta, Chandra Sekhar, Shaik Mahaboob Basha, Dhiraj Madhukar Kadhe, Manikanta Nallamilli, Srinivas Dwarapudi, Saurabh Kundu, Shakuntala Tudu & Indrajit Paul

The Enrichment of Platinum in Spent Alumina Carrier Catalyst by Pressurized Alkali Treatment
Quanwen Pu, Bo Li & Yonggang Wei

The Behavior of Zinc and Iron in Neutralized Residue During Pressure Leaching
Yufang Wang, Kaixi Jiang, Hao Ma, Shuchen Qin & Chaozhen Zheng

Utilization of Citric Acid to Improve the Depressive Efficiency of Sodium Silicate on the Flotation of Calcite and Fluorite
Yu Wang, Xi Zhang, Jie Zhang & Wei Zhao

A Novel Sintering Process for Porous Iron Ore Sintering with Enhanced Productivity
Satendra Kumar, Arvind Jaiswal, M. Siddaraju & Rameshwar Sah

Segregation of Iron and Titanium in an Iron Sand Concentrate Pellet Using the Isothermal–Temperature Gradient Profile
Zulfiadi Zulhan, Indah Suryani, Adil Jamali, Imam Santoso & Taufiq Hidayat